47 Meters Brings Back The Fear of Sharks


What happens when you take Matthew Modine, Mandy Moore and a school of blood-thirsty Great White sharks?  We don’t know, but the trailer for 47 Meters Down looks as if nothing good can come of it.  A Mexican vacation and a once in a lifetime opportunity to cage dive with sharks turn into a nightmare, stranding two inexperienced divers 47 meters below the ocean surface with hungry Great White sharks circling overhead.

47 Meters Down posterThere hasn’t been a really…really scary shark movie since 1975 and the release of Jaws.  There is one honorable mention, Deep Blue Sea in 1999, but focused more on making the sharks look scarier than they ended up being on screen.  Coupled with an unrealistic plot and an even more unrealistic cast, it didn’t scare audiences in the way it was intended.

Since Steve Spielberg permanently embedded the fear of sharks into beach-goers everywhere, with a little help of a haunting score by John Williams, no one has really been able to successfully take on sharks as a medium to frighten moviegoers.  Even the three sequels in the Jaws franchise failed to “scare up” the kind of lasting results of the original.  People seem to have a natural fear and overwhelming curiosity of sharks, and the Great White is at the top of the list.  Let us hope that director Johannes Roberts’ effort to scare us out of the ocean this summer isn’t another in a string of letdowns.

Now here comes 47 Meters Down, with the most unlikely of female leads, Mandy Moore.  Not saying that Moore doesn’t have the acting chops for this kind of role, but you must admit that you were surprised to hear her name mentioned attached to this film.  The trailer starts off as any good horror film does, with the establishment of a normal and happy endeavor.  But things take a turn, as they all do and Moore and co-star Claire Holt find themselves in possibly the worst and most terrifying situation ever.  The trailer for 47 Meters Down evokes the same nightmarish images that made Jaws so great.

The film was originally slated for a DVD and VOD release this August, but it was decided that after the rights were sold to Entertainment Studios that it would get a full theatrical release.  47 Meters Down stars Mandy Moore, Clair Holt, Chris J. Johnson, Yani Gellman, Santiago Segura, and Matthew Modine.  Look for it to hit theaters on June 22.

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