15 Queer Comics To Keep Things Gay After Pride Month

Need Some Queer Comics?

Pride Month is halfway gone, and the rainbows will soon be fading from the streets as they do every year. Comics are getting gayer and gayer all the time, so Pride Month doesn’t have to end after June! Here is a list of great queer comics to help you queer up the rest of the months this year. Enjoy! 

15. Fresh Romance

Fresh Romance is as Queer as it gets— a whole anthology of queer romance comics that focus on all types of love. These queer romances from talented female and queer authors are all worth a read. There is a story in Fresh Romance for everyone, from historical romance and unhappy marriages to teenage trysts and kinky meetups. The best news? The second volume is coming soon from Emet Comics! Pick up Volume 1 from Rosy Press, by a bunch of rad creators. 

14. Blue Is The Warmest Color

You may recognize this French comics from the movie of the same name, but the comic is much more poignant and beautiful. Follow a mourning lover as she sorts through the journals of her girlfriend’s past and her own troubles. A beautiful lesbian romance you won’t be able to read through your tears. This single-volume graphic novel was created by Julie Maroh.


13. What Did You Eat Yesterday? 

This is a sweet, pure, slice-of-life Manga about my two favorite things: queer love and food. This is a beautiul window into the daily life of a hard-working middle aged Japanese couple, Shiro and Kenji. You will love viewing their romance through the context of the many meals they share together. What Did You Eat Yesterday is an award-winning Manga created by Fumi Yoshinaga. 


12. Check Please

Check Please is a fun web comic that follows Eric “Bitty” Bittle through college. He experiences love, loss, cultural change, and self-discovery throughout his college experience. Following this young gay vlogger and hockey player is an emotional journey you won’t want to end. Luckily, there is a wealth of extra media and information available through its dedicated Tumblr and Twitter accounts. Check Please is published by Ngozi Ukazu.

11. Kim & Kim

Kim & Kim is a non-stop adventure following two queer ladies racing through space, bounty-hunting, and talking about boys. One of the Kims is Trans, and the author’s own transition process contributed greatly to this book becoming a stand out for queer comics. This is a sci-fi romp you won’t be able to put down and a perfect example of what queer comics should be. Kim & Kim is written by Magdalene Visaggio, with stellar art by Eva Cabrera and  Claudia Aguirre. you can get it from Black Mask Studios. It’s currently nominated for an Eisner Award!

10. Angela Queen of Hel

Angela originated in the Spawn Universe, but she rocks her own book in this series. Angela has been cast from Heaven and robbed of her greatest love, Sera. She traverses Hel to find her lost companion, and conquers a thorne or two along the way. This is a superhero story wrapped in queer romance and trials—and also some very good lady kissing. Angela is one of very few queer-centric Marvel books. It’s written by Marguerite Bennett and features an excellent team of artists. 

9. Kaptara

Kaptara is not only one of my favorite space-traveling stories, it is also one of the queerest (both in characters and content— they find some weird planets). This book is often billed as “Gay He-Man” or “Like Saga, but Gayer”, so if that sounds fun for you then you need to read this book. It is full of fun, adventure, some freaky aliens, and lots of fun queer romancing. This Image book was created by Chip Zdarsky and Kagan McLeod. Start with Volume One: Space, Why You Gotta Be Like That?

8. Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love

Deadman is a familiar character in the comics-verse, but you don’t need to know much about him to jump into this creepy mini-series. Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love is a ghost story, but within it lies a fantastic romance between friends, featuring a non-binary character. This mystery is enough to carry the book, but casual, sweet queer romance makes it extra special. Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love is published by DC Comics. You can pick it up in a collected volume, written by Sarah Vaughn and featuring art by Lan Medina.

7. Sunstone

I will never stop telling people to read Sunstone. The art is beautiful, and the lovin’  is, too. If you love ladies, BDSM, romance, and healthy depictions of cool kink and great relationships, read this! This sweet lady love will change your life. Sunstone was created by Stjepan Šejić and originally published on his DeviantArt.

6. Jughead

I know, I know. Archie, really? REALLY. Chip Zdarsky takes on writing our hamburger-loving babe, and he is an Asexual dream boy. Ace representation in comics (or any media) is almost non-existent, so seeing Jug accepted for who he is in a mainstream comic property is special. It doesn’t hurt that this comic is funny as heck, either. You can pick up Jughead from Archie Comics (naturally). The series is written by Chip Zdarsky, and features art by Erica Henderson and Derek Charm. 

5. Fun Home

Fun Home is a graphic memoir turned hit Broadway Musical. Follow a young woman on her lifelong journey to discover her sexuality and deal with the intricate dynamic of her Jewish, traditional family. Every adaptation of this story is poignant and beautiful. You should probably listen to the Broadway score while reading the book. Fun Home was created by Alison Bechdel, and is the recipient of a GLAAD Media Award for comics.

4. Midnighter And Midnight & Apollo

Ever wish Batman was super funny and way more Gay? Welcome to Midnighter, the answer to all your superhero dreams. This comic is full of laughs and butts. So many butts. You won’t be able to put it down. Midnight is one of few openly queer DC comics, and you should definitely give it a try for a gay super-fix. 

3. Snotgirl

Hungry for some cute lesbian romance, social media weirdness, friendship drama, and…murder? Snotgirl is one of a kind. This book will take you on a wild ride of mystery and murder, with some cute parties and sweet lady kissing in between. Snotgirl is published by Image Comics, and created by Leslie Hung, and Brian Lee O’Malley (you might recognize his name from a little book called Scott Pilgrim)

2. Ody-C

Ody-C is a gender-bent space opera based on Homer’s The Odyssey. The default gender is female, so the default relationship is gay. If you love space and flying around in giant ovary ships through a universe of beautiful women and adventure, Ody-C is your jam. Your Space Jam. (I’m sorry) You can pick up Ody-C from Image Comics. It’s created by Matt Fraction (of Sex Criminals fame, another sexy book you should check out) and Christian Ward. 

1. Assigned Male

This is a long-time ongoing web comic about the life and love of a Transgender Girl. This strip is emotional and hilarious. Start at the beginning and experience the full spectrum of human emotion. This comic is adorable and irresistible. Assigned Male is created and published by Sophie Labelle. She has had a rough time lately with people who don’t like queer comics, so give it a try and support her!


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