Marvel’s Inhumans Gets Fall Premiere Date

Marvel's Inhumans

Unlike most of Marvel’s works, Inhumans has been met with as much dread as excitement. A canceled movie, a wild wig, and a confusing non-connection to Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have audiences wondering just what’s in store.

Luckily, the Inhumans newest poster should restore some viewer faith as we all await the release of the full trailer and the show’s fall premiere.

When Does Inhumans Premiere?

While we already knew Inhumans would air Fridays this fall on ABC, Deadline reports that the network has now given us the exact date: September 29.

A late September start is likely to coincide with most other network premieres, but Inhumans has little competition in the often-neglected Friday night block. There’s a chance that Fox’s The Exorcist or NBC’s Taken could split the demographic, but thanks to DVRs, no one will be missing out.

The show will air weekly on Fridays at 9 p.m. ET for eight episodes. Though two will be airing on the 29th.

This schedule is most reminiscent of Marvel’s Agent Carter – except in the fall. Like most shows with shorter seasons, Inhumans will likely air its season finale just before the winter TV break, to be replaced with another show in the spring.

Get a Look at the New Inhumans Art!

The new Inhumans poster is a step up from the artwork we’ve seen from the show so far. Featuring Black Bolt (Anson Mount), Medusa (Serinda Swan), and Maximus the Mad (Iwan Rheon), the poster brings a comics feel by primarily depicting the three in black and white à la an ink portrait.

Medusa’s hair gives the poster color, and this version of the hair looks better than it did in the teaser photo released in May. It does, however, still give Medusa a strangely high brow line, so it’s unlikely that the much-derided wig has actually been replaced.

The final piece of the poster is the Black Bolt symbol surrounding the three, standing out much more here than it does on Black Bolt’s actual costume.

All in all, the poster is a cool piece of art that we can only hope bears some resemblance to Inhumans itself. It’s, of course, hard to get a sense of a show from its art, but if Inhumans is as arresting as this new poster, we’re in good hands.

What’s Next for Inhumans?

For a better sense of the series, keep a close eye on Marvel’s social media this week – and Word of the Nerd – because the Inhumans trailer is due to drop any day. With that trailer, we’ll get our best look at the show before it hits IMAX theaters and then TV screens in September.

The first two episodes of Inhumans will screen in IMAX theaters starting September 1 and run for two weeks before the show’s Friday, September 29 premiere on ABC.

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