Review – Misfit City #2

Misfit City #2

“Looking for Trouble”

The gang is back in action in Misfit City #2, after breaking into the museum and discovering an old pirate treasure map Wilder, Karma, Macy, Dot and Pippin the dog are eager to figure out where it leads! (Find out more info on these characters here.)  There is only one problem the map is coded in a secret language that the girls are going to have to decipher before getting anywhere with it. This leads them on an adventure to the library and then a midnight “break in” to the Old Captains house. Things only get crazier as they are confronted by two criminals who want the map for their own doings, oh and I forgot the mysterious man with the forearm tattoo that is also on their trail! You are not going to want to miss the adventure in Misfit City.

Kirsten “kiwi” Smith and Kurt Lustgarten continue to write a very fun story in Misfit City #2. They are building a very intriguing mystery and keeping the reader on their toes, while also delivering some great character work from the girls in the group. We learn a lot about Dot in this issue just from the short interaction with her mom and it does a lot to build up her character up within a few pages. The mysterious man with the forearm tattoo is also a nice introduction that adds another twist into the story that keeps the reader guessing as to what part he plays. Smith and Lustgarden continue to build upon the mysteries in the book and the town of Cannon Cove while delivering a really energetic adventure with tons of laughs and crazy adventures.

Misfit City #2


Naomi Franquiz does some great cartooning in this issue, the characters facial work is exceptionally well done. The scene in the old captain’s house is great, the panel structure and layout build up tension when they are all hiding and then the subsequent chase scene is wonderfully paced to build and gives it a great action-oriented feel. Brittany Peer continues to use are more toned down color palate on this series and it really helps give it that “mystery” 80’s movie feel the story is going for. The art team does an amazing job with each character making them individualized and fully realized on each page. They also make the captain’s house really creepy looking and it brings a Scooby-Doo vibe to those scenes especially with the dog Pippin tagging along, it is a really great set of pages.


Misfit City continues to be a really fun “mystery” comic that is really just a joy to read. The creative team is doing a top notch job of slowly building the mystery of Cannon Cove and this treasure map. They have introduced a great core group of unlikely friends that makes the book a lot of fun seeing them interact and quip with one another. The two main “villain’ characters are great stereotypical “evil doers” that have their own motives for the map and this new mysterious forearm tattoo man really ramps up the mystery to a new level. Get in on the fun and pick up this issue now!


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