New Details About Stranger Things Season 2 Monster

Stranger Things Season 2
Stranger Things Season 2

New Details About Stranger Things Season 2 Monster

According to io9, more information has been revealed about the monster that made a brief appearance in the Stranger Things Super Bowl trailer. Refresh your memory by watching the trailer below!

More about this Stranger Things Season 2 Monster:

Last season, the Stranger Things writers foreshadowed the arrival of the Demogorgon with a Dungeons and Dragons game played by the four young male protagonists. There was a similar game bookending the season, where another monster made an appearance. This was the Thessalhydra, which is a monster original to Dungeons and Dragons that resembles the multi-headed hydra from Greek mythology and was created by the Lich Thessalar (who then did the same as many mad scientists of fiction before him and named the monster after himself), although the Thessalhydra was namechecked in the Dungeons and Dragons game at the end of season two, it does not seem to be the main monster in season two, if appearing at all (it’s possible that the Thessalhydra’s presence in the season-ending D & D game was a shoutout to the game itself). Instead, our main villain appears to be something called a Shadow Monster, and looks a bit more arachnid-esque than the naturally serpentine hydra. This mysterious Shadow Monster appears in two shots in the Super Bowl trailer. First, it appears as a featured object in a sketch likely drawn by last season’s victim, Will. The other shot is of the Shadow Monster looming over the much-maligned town of Hawkins, although the trailer does not make clear whether this is a dream or actually happening in the show.

The entire second season of Stranger Things will be released on Netflix on 31 October 2017, a date appropriate to the spooky nature of the show.

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