Review – Dark Matter S03E03: “Welcome to the Revolution”

Dark Matter S03E03: “Welcome to the Revolution”

Last week on Dark Matter, the season opened with a double bill. First, all of the members of the crew of the Raza in danger (Two, Three, Five, and Six) managed to escape from the explosion on Eos-7. After they made their various escapes, they were left to face two truths: the death of Nyx (Melanie Liburd) at the apparent hand of their former comrade and the fact that they don’t really know where to go from here, other than get revenge on the aforementioned Ryo Tetsuda. In the second of the two episodes, the crew of the Raza make a move against Ryo Tetsuda (Alex Mallari Jr), regaining their stolen (but broken through experimentation) blink drive. Also, Ryo learns of Nyx’s death and deduces that her real killer was his right-hand woman Misaki (Ellen Wong).

Dark Matter S03E03This week on Dark Matter:

This week on Dark Matter, Two (Melissa O’Neil) and Six (Roger Cross) disagree when brought in to assist a colony facing a violent schism. Meanwhile, the Android (Zoie Palmer) discovers an anomaly within the ship’s data.

This episode focused on the question of whose point of view is going to lead the Raza: Two’s or Six’s. As we learned last week, Two’s vision of the Raza in a corporate war involves them staying out of the fray and doing what’s best for the crew personally. Six’s vision is of the Raza swooping in and doing good throughout the galaxy since they have the ability and the reputation to help the helpless and frighten the oppressors. Both of these visions are challenged throughout the episode, and (without really spoiling anything) neither of these views really win out. The main plot of this episode seemed to be a means to an end, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but was disappointing in this instance. In this episode, the audience and the remaining members of the crew discover what Five (Jodelle Ferland) was up to last week, though the ramifications of this revelation are saved for future episodes. In addition, although Ryo Tetsuda has left the Raza, the audience learns how he is reacting to the twin reveals that his love interest is dead at his aspiring love interest’s hands and that his former comrades managed to steal back the blink drive from his scientific facility. The ending of the main plot of this episode genuinely surprised me, and makes me wonder about where Dark Matter will next take their series long themes. 


In conclusion, while this episode’s journey wasn’t that satisfying (part of the point of the plot), the ending of the main plot will lead to a number of new questions for the crew of the Raza that will be fascinating to watch.

Next week, Three gets stuck in a still timely Groundhog Day loop. Is anyone else experiencing déjà vu? (For what it’s worth, I think that the promo was aired out of order last week, and this episode is the one we were supposed to get this week).

Dark Matter airs on Syfy at 9 pm on Friday nights.

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