Review – The Defenders #2

The Defenders #2

“The enemy of my enemy”

At the end of the last issue Luke Cage foolishly rushed in alone to attack Diamondback, Cage quickly found out this is not the same old Diamondback he tussled with in the past and is now fighting for his life in the care of the Night Nurse! While Jessica Jones rushes to her husband’s aid Daredevil and Iron Fist start to figure out why Diamondback would attack these four heroes and what he has planned. Daredevil goes to the man on the beat Ben Urich to see if he has heard anything, while Iron Fist confronts the “reformed” Kingpin about Diamondbacks return. One man has the cure for the poison in Luke Cage’s veins and hopefully, he comes out of the darkness and into the light before it is too late and the other Defenders find out that Diamondback is a  lot tougher than he used to be!

The Defenders #2 Cover by David Marquez
The Defenders #2 Cover by David Marquez

Brian Michael Bendis continues a fantastic story in The Defenders #2, he is slowly developing this story with Diamondbacks comeback and it is a lot of fun. Bendis does a great job of balancing the story switching between action scenes and more dramatic parts of the story with great pacing and storytelling. This really feels like prime Brian Michael Bendis, he is telling a fun story that fully embraces the Marvel Universe. The last issue we got to see a great appearance by Black Cat and in this issue Night Nurse is featured, along with King Pin, Ben Urich and another character pop up that you will not be expecting for a short cameo. Bendis scripts a faced paced story that will you anticipating each turn of the page. There is also another nice short backup “editorial” talking about Daredevil which is a really nice feature getting little backups for each of these characters after the main story.


David Marquez continues to also shine on this Series, he really knows how to have a character make an entrance! He has great pacing and panel layout that amps up the dramatics of Luke Cage suffering from being poisoned to some really fantastic action scenes that hit all the right beats at the right moments. His tight lines and great character work bring this book up to another level. Justin Ponsor on colors does another excellent job making these characters “pop” off the page and really come to life. He uses a lot of pinks in this issue and in several instances it is used as the major color which could be distracting or out of place but somehow he makes it work and it really enhances those panels.


The Defenders #2 is an excellent issue and really has set this series as a must-read for Marvel fans. For now not being caught up in all of the”events” or happenings in the Marvel Universe is really helping this series tell a grounded story that fits perfectly for these “street level” heroes. While it is great that this story has not yet been caught up in Marvels Secret Empire event I do love seeing these short cameos by other Marvel Heroes and villains, it entrenches this series in the Marvel Universe while not having it control the story being told. It looks like Marvel might have a legitimate hit on their hands with great writing and art The Defenders is off to a fantastic start!

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