Review – Reborn #6 (Final Issue)

Reborn #6


Reborn #6 Cover shows Golgotha and Bonnie crossing swords on an ashen battlefield
Reborn #6 Cover shows Golgotha and Bonnie crossing swords on an ashen battlefield

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Since being “reborn” Bonnie has come to terms with her being the “savior” of Adystria. Her abilities have finally kicked in and she has become a mighty warrior, but something is still holding her back from accessing her full power. Her search for her husband has finally ended but not in the way she was expecting. She finds her once-husband’s new wife while searching for him and finds out he has been kidnapped by Golgotha to lure Bonnie to his armies in the Dark Lands. Her husband has been in Adystria much longer than her, and not knowing if Bonnie was ever coming back, he has fallen in love with another woman and has children with her now. Bonnie is initially heartbroken because of this, but comes to terms with the fact that he was also dealing with the unknown after dying and being “reborn” and that neither one of them knew if they would ever be reunited and he had come to terms with that. Now, with her dad Big Tom and faithful dog Roy-Boy, she is off to end the battle with Golgotha and the armies of The Dark Lands once and for all, but she is going to have to tap into all of her strength and might to free her ex-husband and save Adystria from the darkness that is coming.

Mark Millar ends Reborn in a great, bombastic final issue. He brings everything together for just an all out fantastic finale that will have the reader on the edge of their seat till the end. This really feels like Mark Millar writing a “summer blockbuster” movie in comic book form. There are very familiar twists and turns and some scenes and lines feel straight from various action movies. The blockbuster feel to this book is excellent and really makes the book a ton of fun to read. Saying “block-buster” might bring things to mind like it is poorly written or scripted and that is not true for this series. Millar does a great job. Yes, some things are very “formulaic,” but it is very well done and makes the series just a blast to read. 

Comic Tiles show Golgotha threatening Bonnie's husband above and Bonnie, her dad, and her dog on their way to rescue him below.
Comic Tiles show Golgotha threatening Bonnie’s husband above and Bonnie, her dad, and her dog on their way to rescue him below.


The art team on this series has just been fantastic, and in Issue #6 they really go out with a bang! Bringing huge battles and epic showdowns to life in great detail. Capullo always has great penciling work and really makes all these varieties of characters come to life and his background details are phenomenal. Glapion is the perfect inker for Capullo’s pencils, he really tightens everything down and just makes the art really pop off of the pages. Plascencia on colors does some magical work on this issue, from going with the extremely dark palate of Golgotha and his armies to the magical neon tone of the fairy’s, he really goes from one end of the spectrum to the other and never waivers in his skill set. Reborn has been a joy to look at and the art team should be super proud of what they have done with this series.


Reborn #6 is the end to this fantastic mini-series from “Millar-World”. The team has delivered a fantastic story as Bonnie goes from a frail old lady to being born back into a powerful warrior. They created a fantastic world and Issue #6 leads up to a gorgeous end battle that will have readers talking for a long time after. Reborn is the summer blockbuster that you can hold in your hands and enjoy throughout the warm days, so grab some popcorn and soft drink, sit back and enjoy the show!

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