Rick and Morty Get A Live Stream Event

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Rick and Morty Get A Live Stream Event

The people behind Rick and Morty are hosting a live stream event for the show on June 29th. The content of the live stream is under lock and key.

Rick and Morty’s Unconventional Popularity

Dan Harmon is a pop culture juggernaut. At least, in the eyes of his fans. Harmon’s career spans decades. He is most famous for his scrappy television show, Community. The show is an offbeat examination of a study group growing into a family and their misadventures in community college. During its six-season run, the series had a lot of ups and downs. Beloved cast members left, Harmon was fired for a season, and the show was canceled after its fifth season. Fortunately, Yahoo! picked the series up for a sixth and final season. Unfortunately, the show lost Yahoo! a lot of money and rendered its budding streaming service dead in the water.

However, towards the end of Community‘s life, Harmon created a small animated show for Adult Swim. The show was titled Rick and Morty, and was an instant hit. It’s a simple riff on Back To The Future. But, for fans of Harmon and Community, Rick and Morty provided a safe haven. Adult Swim has a great track record for keeping shows with small, but vocal fan bases. They keep their production costs low and give their creators total freedom. Harmon’s comedy is too idiosyncratic for mainstream network television. Seasons one and two of Rick and Morty ran on Adult Swim in 2014 and 2015, respectively. And a third season was quickly greenlit. But, it’s been nearly two years since the season two finale, and with the exception of a surprise April Fool’s Day episode, Rick and Morty have been off the airwaves.

Rick and Morty’s Not So Mysterious Disappearance

Fans of Dan Harmon expect a lot of behind the scenes drama. He’s a volatile, obsessive personality. And that is hard to work with. As a matter of fact, he’s so aware of his reputation that he had to dispel behind the scenes drama rumors on Twitter recently. During the tweets, he chalked Rick and Morty’s delayed season up to fan expectations. The show’s fans are rabid, and Harmon & Co want to deliver. It’s admirable but frustrating. Although, one day after Harmon’s tweetstorm, fans saw a glimmer of light in the Rick and Morty universe.

The official Twitter account for the show tweeted a link to Eventbrite describing a Rick and Morty Live Stream Event. Details are scarce, with the location of the event not even being listed on the event page. The simplest explanation, of course, is the live stream is a debut of a new episode. However, given the live audience aspect of the event, fans wouldn’t be too far off to expect a Q&A with the folks behind the show and a premiere date for the rest of the season.

The event is on June 29th, 2017, so we’ll find out then!


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