Review: Cloudia And Rex #1 Is A Poignant Multi-Cultural Saga For Young Readers

Cloudia and Rex #1

Review: Cloudia and Rex #1 

What happens when the realm of the gods converges with the realm of the living— and the fate of the immortals rests in the hands of a 12 year old girl? Cloudia And Rex #1 uncovers the greatest powers in the most unexpected places. 

Cloudia is a 12 year old girl, working through pre-teen emotions, the recent death of her father, and a complicated relationship with her mother and younger sister, Rex. Her world is being upended by a move to Seattle, and even more so by a car crash that transports her family to a supernatural plane where she can commune with the gods. Anything can happen, especially as powers and abilities begin to reveal themselves, and Cloudia may be the only hope for a realm of universal gods on the brink of destruction.


Cloudia and Rex #1 is a coming of age tale, a supernatural fantasy, and an unlikely superhero tale all rolled into one stunning package. Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas work seamlessly together, creating a believable world that transitions from a compelling family dynamic to an intriguing, multi-cultural realm of the gods. It’s obvious that Farinas and Freitas did their research here. The immortal beings represented from many different cultures and beliefs are well-represented and interact in interesting ways. Moving through different realms of existence and understanding is seamless in this book. Though there is a lot of action and exposition packed into this introductory issue, the plot never feels rushed or convoluted. Every character introduced has depth of personality and their individuality is conveyed through the text, which is impressive considering the amount of introductions that occur in this issue. Overall, Farinas and Freitas have a lovely series underway that is going to be spectacular and unique all the way through. 

Claudia and rex #1


The art in this series, from Daniel Irizarri, is absolutely striking. The detail put into each individual god, the different realms, and every new character is wonderful and adds an incredible amount of depth to the page and the plot. The colors, however, are my favorite component of this comic. The color palette focuses on pink and magenta hues that transition into deep blues as the scene and tone of the book develops. This is a very eventful issue with a lot of exposition and information, but the tonal color story demonstrates the flow of the plot and assists the reader in recognizing the shifts that occur within the issue. The art is innovative and surprising, and truly adds a deeper layer of nuanced beauty to this series. 


Lion Forge is on the forefront of innovation in comics, and that is only more obvious with the release of Cloudia and Rex #1. This is a fantastic book that values cultural representation, innovation, and varied life experiences. This is a comic that pushes the industry forward, and it is an impressive first issue in every way. This series also hits on a demographic that is often underrepresented in the comics market. Young teens are often forced to choose between children’s books and adult books, but Cloudia and Rex strikes a balance between these two age groups and serves up a realistic, thoughtful option for young readers.

I’m off to read this book again, and buy a copy for every 14 year old kid I know. You should, too!

Cloudia and Rex #1 is published by Lion Forge, as a part of the Roar imprint in collaboration with Buno Books. It was released on July 5th, 2017


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