Review – The Defenders #3

The Defenders #3

Bite the Bullet

At the end of Issue #2, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and Daredevil were ambushed and shot by none other than The Punisher! After being gunned down, they wake up in the care of the Night Nurse (spoiler alert: they are not dead, shocking I know). The Defenders have questions. Why would The Punisher be helping a criminal like Diamondback? How did Diamondback come back from the dead? And how all of sudden does he have superhuman abilities to allow him to go toe to toe with our heroes? It is time for the gang to get to work. Luke Cage and Daredevil track down The Punisher; while Iron Fist and Jessica Jones find Diamondback.


Brian Michael Bendis is bringing the story along nicely in The Defenders #3. We get a few answers of Diamondbacks need for power, and we figure out why The Punisher attacked our heroes. I do have some minor gripes, and it is going to be super comic-book-guy-like, so just hold on. Now, there is no way Daredevil just gets shot by The Punisher; his whole thing is having superhuman sense and a “radar”. How many times has he fought guys like Bullseye, and for that matter Frank Castle, himself, and not been shot, and then all of a sudden he just runs out and gets shot? It doesn’t really make that much sense from a character standpoint and it would have been nice for Bendis to throw in some sort of reason why all the heroes got taken out so easily. Other than that minor gripe the story is really good and a ton of fun. It is a simple “comic book” story but it is awesome in its simplicity and just a great read.


David Marquez has been doing a fantastic job throughout this series but in The Defenders #3, he steps it up to another level. His characters are dynamic, and the scenes flow together perfectly. He has some really beautiful action sequences throughout this issue. The panels when Iron Fist confronts Diamondback are just stunning to look at. Marquez is a deeply talented artist, and he is getting to shine in this series. Justin Ponsor is doing an equally beautiful job on colors. That page with Diamondback and Iron Fist: just look at how wonderful those colors look! Magic pure magic! Marquez and Ponsor are a fantastic art team: making The Defenders a must read.


This series is shaping up to be a wonderful series for Marvel. It is firmly trenched in the Marvel Universe but is not weighed down by events or other storylines. At the moment it gets to be its own thing. Daredevil just randomly being shot is strange for his character, and I am a little disappointed there was not a backup feature for Iron Fist or Jessica Jones in this issue. Luke Cage and Daredevil had little backup articles in the past two issues, but it does not take away from the overall enjoyment of this series.

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