The Ray Comes To Life On CW Seed

The Ray Versus The Reichsman

There is a new hero coming to CW Seed. Straight off the success (and synergy) of the Vixen animated series, CW premiered a trailer for an animated series for The Ray at San Diego Comic Con. Set in the parallel dimension of Earth X, the titular character is a member of the Freedom Fighters. This group takes on the Nazis, who in this reality won World War II. Along with the Nazis are the Reichsmen, evil counterparts of the CW/DC superhero stars. Ostensibly, as in Vixen, Stephen Amell will voice the Arrow equivalent, Grant Gustin as The Flash equivalent, and Melissa Benoit will tackle Supergirl’s evil doppelganger. The Ray in this continuity also has a personal reason to fight the Nazis; he is a gay man and thus would be targeted by the Nazis for death. As such, it will be the first DC/CW show to have an LGBT lead character. Check out the trailer below:

A Light History

The RayThe Ray was first introduced in 1940 in Smash Comics #14. Lanford “Happy” Terrill gains super powers while being exposed to both lightning and sunlight during a balloon flight. This character was created by Quality Comics, whose characters were later bought by DC Comics and placed onto Earth X in the DC Comics Multiverse. This all went away in 1986’s Crisis On Infinite Earths where Earth X was one of the Earths combined at the end of that event. In 1992, a series starring Happy’s illegitimate son Ray was published. Ray Terrill grew up in darkness, only finding out his true parentage when he turned 18, along with how to access his powers once he was exposed to sunlight. Ray takes on his father’s mantle and joins teams such as Young Justice and the modern day Freedom Fighters.

Ray Terrill was revamped for DC’s Rebirth initiative. While his origins remain practically the same, he is now a gay man, much like his animated counterpart. After running away from home and gaining his powers, he joins up as a member of Batman’s Justice League of America team.

The Ray arrives on CW Seed this fall. It will be not that surprising if a live action version will also appear this season on one of the CW live action shows.

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