Review – Dark Matter S03E05: “Give It Up, Princess”

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Dark Matter S03E05: “Give It Up, Princess”

Last week on Dark Matter, Three (Anthony Lemke) got stuck in a Groundhog Day style loop and spent a lot of time and effort trying to get his fellow crewmates to believe him (he even learned French!). In addition, the crew of the Raza faced off against an assassin sent by their former comrade Ryo Ishida (Alex Mallari Jr), and the Android (Zoie Palmer) got flashes of the future when trying to get out of the time anomaly, and it does not seem like the future is going to be a fun place for the Raza’s crew.

This Week on Dark Matter:

This week on Dark Matter, Adrian (Mishka Thébaud) enlisted the crew’s help in tracking down an old file and exchanging it to save his female colleague (Anna Hopkins). Meanwhile, Ryo continues to learn that runnning an empire is not all sunshine and lollipops.

This episode served as a deeper introduction to Adrian. Although he wants to be more like his mentor Tabor (David Hewlitt), and make a lot of money, Adrian seems to lack one important feature that Tabor had. Unlike Tabor, Adrian is a soft marshmallow of a person: unable to ruthlessly sacrifice people in order to make a buck or get out of a bad spot. He’s probably the least ruthless person currently on board the Raza; unfortunately for him, all of the wiser crew members have more influence upon what the Raza does than him, including his bodyguard Solara (Ayisha Issa). It will be interesting how Adrian’s influence on the crew (or lack of it) affects future plotlines. 

Meanwhile, Emperor Ryo Ishida is trying to balance the angel and devil on his shoulders. His old mentor, Teku (Andrew Moodie), tells Ryo that he must get the people of Zairon to love him, especially considering how he took the throne (for those who don’t recall, there was a lot of blood involved in that regime change). Meanwhile, his Commander of the Guard (and childhood friend), Misaki (Ellen Wong), insists that Ryo must be ruthless and therefore prove that he is worthy of Zairon’s throne. While Ryo is reluctant to trust Misaki, since she murdered his love interest Nyx (Melanie Liburd) last season, he’s not sure about playing the benevolent leader in wartime, either. Longtime viewers of the show will be un-surprised to learn that neither the angel (Teku) nor the devil (Misaki) on Ryo’s shoulder is correct all of the time: seeing that one of the major themes of Dark Matter is that being wholly good isn’t really possible all of the time, but it’s important to at least try to be better. It’s not clear what path Ryo will stick to, but since future!Five (Jodelle Ferland) spoke about the “fall of the House of Ishida” in the Android’s future flashes last episode, it’s clear that Ryo should watch where he steps. 

Next week on Dark Matter, there is a lot of shouting and not a lot of apparent plot details.

Dark Matter airs on Syfy at 9pm on Friday nights. 

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