Review – Dark Matter S03E06: “One More Card to Play”

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Dark Matter S03E06: “One More Card to Play”

Last week on Dark Matter, Adrian (Mishka Thebaud) led the crew on a couple of wild goose chases, trying to save a woman that Adrian had a crush on and to secure information about what the Ferrous Corporation could be planning in the ongoing corporate war. In the end, the woman has her own agenda and the Ferrous Corporation information is woefully outdated. Meanwhile, Ryo Ishida (Alex Mallari Jr) is learning that ruling is not all sunshine and unicorns as he contends with his advisors Teku (Andrew Moodie) and Misaki (Ellen Wong), both angelic and demonic. What will happen this episode? Will we have an episode focusing on a female character this season? 

Dark Matter S03E06 One More Card to Play

This week on Dark Matter:

In this episode, the Raza crew once again has to contend with their alternate selves as they struggle to recover possessions that their more mercenary selves have stolen from allies and enemies alike. Meanwhile, the crown has not gotten any lighter on Ryo’s head, which gave the alternate Raza crew members a way into messing with him.

“One More Card to Play” extended upon last season’s eighth episode when the crew of the Raza made a mistake with the blink drive and ended up in the alternate universe from whence these crewmembers came. In this episode, the blink drive was out of play for the most part, since it had been broken by Ryo’s scientists in the second episode. Instead, we saw what the alternate Raza crew (the members of which I won’t spoil for you since it wasn’t revealed last season who jumped universe and who didn’t) could do when left alone for about a season. It’s clear that they can get up to some concerning exploits, and one could be concerned with what they could have done in the period of time that they’ve had in this universe and the potential ramifications that their presence in our universe could create. For example, one of the final reveals in this episode indicates that the effects of last season’s reality jump may affect the wider plot of the corporate war and may come to make the Raza crew come to regret not shutting the door on that plot more firmly. 

In other developments, we caught up with what former members of the Raza crew have been up to. Ryo is still struggling, clearly shocked and angered by the recent attempt on his life. He does not seem to be taking that anger in a helpful direction, but does anyone on this show? Meanwhile, we get an idea of how Six’s life has been since he left the Raza, and it looks like we will learn a lot more about that next episode (which seems to indicate my hopes for an episode focusing on one of our great female characters will be dashed for yet another week).

Next week on Dark Matter, Six returns to the Raza, and all does not seem well with him or the ship’s crew.

Dark Matter airs on Syfy Friday nights at 9/8 central.


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