Review – Diablo House #1

Diablo House 1

Diablo House #1

“Welcome  to the Hotel California”

Diablo House #1 is a throwback to horror comics of the past (more on this topic here), we meet our host Riley a laid back surfer dude who gives us some insight to this quaint little place. Riley will show us various rooms with occupants who would like to leave, but that is not in the deal they signed. How did these people meet their horrible demise and end up in this “hell of a house”. Luckily, Riley is more than happy to show and tell their stories of horror, greed and ultimate downfall of their lives! In this issue, we find out that yes money is the root of all evil and that maybe selling you soul for the all mighty dollar might come back to bite you in the end.

Ted Adams has created a wonderful throwback to when horror comics ruled the sequential storytelling landscape. If you have ever read any EC comics or Tales from the Crypt then you will be right at home with Diablo House.  Each issue seems it will have a main story telling the story of an occupant of one of the rooms giving the gruesome details of their punishment and how they got there. We also get a nice more cartoony/funny back up strip that leaves the comic with a little bit of a more lighthearted mood. Riley acts as the “Crypt Keeper”  of sorts, ushering the reader along giving some explanation and narration throughout the book. The story is a great read but ultimately is forgettable after it is finished, it is not bad it is just not going to stick with you after reading.


Santiperez handles the art duties on the main story and his style follows the same horror vibe of the series. He is very detailed in is character designs and gives each panel a good amount of detail and structure. Santiperez does a great job of depicting these characters in a “sleazy” style to where you can tell what is in store for them once the story begins. Troy Little does some great cartooning in the backup story giving the short story the “Sunday morning” comic strip feel to it. The art falls along as the story it is good, but nothing really stands out as memorable or worth really mentioning


Overall Diablo House if a fun interesting throwback to horror comic anthology series of the 1950’s, the story and art are not going to “wow” the reader, but it offers a nice short escape into this crazy world. We get a “nice” story about greed that obviously does not end well and we learn what topping not to order on our pizza when visiting the Diablo House. If you like horror comics are are looking for something that will be different from anything else you read this week then pick up Diablo House #1, but beware this is definitely not approved by the Comics Code Authority, so reader beware!


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