Review – Misfit City #3

Misfit City #3

Treasure Hunt

After narrowly escaping some nefarious fellows who are also on the hunt for Black Mary’s treasure in the previous issue, the gang is at a crossroad. Do they continue on their adventure to find the treasure and solve the mystery or are things getting too dangerous and what about their normal lives they live when they are not being chased and breaking into buildings following old treasure maps?

MISFIT CITY #3 Cover by Naomi Franquiz
MISFIT CITY #3 Cover by Naomi Franquiz

Things only get weirder as they find a missing piece of the map and decide having a “seance” to contact Black Mary’s ghost is a good idea!

This issue is a much “calmer” than the previous two issues in this series. Things quiet down a little bit for the gang as they try to decide on what their next move should be. This issue progresses the story some and we learn a little bit more about some of the characters and what is happening in their lives outside of solving the mystery of the treasure map. The writing team has done a fantastic job with these characters throughout the first two installments. This issue continues that trend of developing them, but Misfit City #3 is kind of “boring” when held up to the previous two issues.  There is a lot of explanation of what is going on throughout the issue and at the end of it, I feel like not much has happened. That doesn’t mean some interesting things do not happen. It is just compared to the other issues in this series, it feels like not that much went on.


Naomi Franquiz still does some fantastic cartooning in Misfit City#3 the characters are all still very expressive and have great designs to them. Brittany Peer on colors has some really great variety in this Issue, we get some great scenes in the dark that are really well done and she gets to use some “ghostly” green in a few scenes that have a great effect and really invoke some mesmerizing imagery. The art really just adds an eliminate of “fun” and energy to this series the cartooning and coloring gives the story an almost “Scooby-Doo” feel to it, especially the more “supernatural” things that happen in this Issue.


Misfit City has been a great “all ages” series so far, with a great cast of characters and an exciting mystery adventure tale there is not much to not enjoy about this series. I am really liking that the creators are injecting a little “super-natural” eliminate into the story, it really makes the series all that more entertaining. That being said Misfit City #3 is a little bit boring and slows the series down a little bit. That does not take away from how much “energy” this series has brought to the reader and I feel as this will read a little bit better when collected in the trade than it does as a single issue. The mystery continues and things get truly strange for the gang in this Misfit City #3.

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