Review – Snotgirl #6

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Review – Snotgirl #6

“Well, I like Waffles, but I hate new people” -Lottie Person

A new arc of Snotgirl is finally here! I literally had an allergy attack while reading Snotgirl #6, and if that isn’t a seal of approval I don’t know what is. I loved the first arc of this book, which you can pick up as Snotgirl Volume 1: Green Hair Don’t Care. This introductory issue to the second story arc doesn’t miss a beat, and I can almost forgive the long 6 months I went without an update to Lottie’s blog. 

Snotgirl #6
Image Comics


Bryan Lee O’Malley and Leslie Hung jump right back into the story, but play around the edges of the mysteries and cliffhangers of the previous arc. The plot is moving along, but every snippet of information comes at you without warning, hidden beneath layers of dog funeral storylines and the saga of Cutegirl. The slow reveal of the complicated layers to Lottie’s mysterious experiences is torturous, but the frustration is easy to forgive because the book is so fun to read. I am not the type to be excited about brunch and blogs in any entertainment capacity but mix in some mystery and murder, and suddenly I’m pouring myself endless mimosas with the crew and hanging onto every word. I can’t wait to find out what unexpected details will be revealed in the next issue.


Snotgirl #6
Image Comics

The art for Snotgirl continues to be truly excellent. Leslie Hung’s bright pop-art style contributes to the fashionable, modern aspect of the book and provides an innovative contrast to the darker, more sinister themes. Each character is well-designed and recognizable, even with constantly changing outfits. When the mood changes, the art conveys the shift so well that the story falls into place on the page. This was Rachael Cohen’s first issue as a colorist, but you wouldn’t know it– the colors are gorgeous and perfectly fit the theme of the book (even page 3, which was apparently printed with the wrong color file and will be corrected in the collection, but I thought it was cool). Maré Odomo’s letters add to the whimsy of the book. It’s difficult to balance Lottie’s constant inner monologue with the narration and dialogue in the comic, but Odomo brings everything together and the panels never feel crowded or confusing; the letters blend into and enhance the artwork. 



I can’t get enough of Snotgirl. The premise is fresh and inventive— Snotgirl really is the only book of its kind on the rack. I have absolutely no idea what is going on or what might happen, and I am totally fine with that because every issue of this book reveals unexpected glimpses into a dark, overarching mystery that is bound to be epic. It’s easy to jump right back into the book despite the long gap, because of the quippy catch-up summary in this Issue. Catch up on Snotgirl Volume 1 and then pick up Snotgirl #6. No matter what kind of comics you’re into, this book will not disappoint. 

Don’t skip the back matter! You’ll miss a cute cartoon interview with the creators and some gorgeous Lottie sketches. 

Snotgirl #6 released July 5th, 2017. You can expect future issues bi-monthly from Image Comics.

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