Review – Unsound #2

Unsound #2

Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Ashli probably had one of the worst first days ever as a new nurse at the Saint Cascia Psychiatric Hospital and talking to the Administrator is not helping things. She knows things are not right in this place, when she was attacked by three strange patients wanting to give her a red gown to meet the Prince only to b saved by another patient Xerxes wearing a paper mask, she has quite a few questions about this Hospital and what exactly is going on. The administrator can’t seem to find any records of the patients that attacked her and he assures her things will get better, well that is until the patients start to riot and kill other staff members. 

Cullen Bunn ramps up the horror in issue #2 of Unsound, in the first issue we got the set up with some unsettling characters and situation, but now with that out of the way Bunn lets loose with some fantastic horror/thriller action. The setting of a Psychiatric hospital is a classic set up for a horror story and Bunn plays on that well and knows how to use this setting to his advantage. Giving the reader an uneasy feeling with each page and questioning what really is going on. Did things really happen, are they imagined, who is really crazy here? By the end, things go from scary to outright strange. Bunn will have you questioning your own sanity by the final page and the only way to find out is to keep reading. 

The UnsoundArt:

Jack T. Cole’s illustrating style is growing on me in Unsound #2, I was not a big fan from the first issue, but with this second issue, it is really starting to fit the story and hook me in. I really enjoy the more “flat” muted color palate Cole uses, it really gives the series that old “scary” children’s book feeling to it (note this is not a book for children) it just gives that vibe off from the color palate. His characters are also very unsettling to look at with the body proportions just being slightly off and the twist he puts in the faces. The art does feel a little static as the characters do not feel like they are in motion. From a sequential storytelling standpoint it is a little offputting, but for this story, it feels okay in this series as Coles art still gives the unsettling horror feeling to it fits nicely with the story being told.


Unsound #2 turns the horror up to 11 when things go from bad to worse for Ashli. Can she escape the horrors of the Saint Cascia Psychiatric Hospital? Who can she trust? Something very unsettling is happening, patients talking about a prince, razor blades appearing out of nowhere, strange men in suits taking patients, people disappearing. Strange things are a foot and Ashli is caught in the middle of it. Unsound is a terrific horror/thriller story you are not going to want to miss! 


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