Stranger Things 2 Sets Halloween Release Date

Stranger Things Season 2

The moment that most of us have waited for has arrived: the release date for Stranger Things season 2. The Netflix original hit about the supernatural encounters of small town citizens in the 1980’s is set to return on October 27th – perfect for the Halloween festivities! A quick, if slightly spoilery, recap: Will, one of the victims trapped in the Upside Down, becomes the central goal for his friends, family, and the town sheriff to find. Soon, they meet a young girl, with the moniker of Eleven/El, with the power of telekinesis; and through a series of events, they are able to defeat the Demogorgon and rescue Will, but not without El sacrificing herself. Will continues his happy life with family and friends, but not without a little side effect. *Cough*.

The show gained notoriety among many for several reasons. Mainly the innocence of Will’s friends and their quest to find him and to protect their new friend Eleven are motivations that we relate to both in other shows as well as the lives of those of us born and raised in a pre-technology era. 

Season 2 Hints And Expectations

Stranger Things Season 2

Due to the popularity, Netflix launched right into producing season 2, and has been giving up little tidbits – a big one being that Barbara may still be alive! This came in the form of the La La Land inspired musical number that Jimmy Fallon led to open the Golden Globes Awards for 2017.  

With the release date now official, we can expect to see a lot more teasers and interviews about the upcoming season. However, curiosity leaves us wondering what season 2 will have in store for us. What effects did being in the Upside Down have on Will Byers? Will Eleven somehow come back to life? If Barbara is indeed alive, and she was in the Upside Down all this time, will she still be the same? Or will her time being a host to the Demogorgon affect her more than it affected Will? What are your thoughts? Are you as excited as we are for Season 2? Tell us in the comments!

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