Gunpowder Teaser Trailer Released

Are you already missing Game of Thrones, specifically Jon Snow? Deadline is reporting, Kit Harington will be starring in a three-part miniseries for BBC called Gunpowder. Watch the teaser below!

More about Gunpowder

Tom Cullen as Guy Fawkes in Gunpowder
Tom Cullen

It seems that when he’s not trying to be the King of the North in Westeros, Kit Harington is apparently part of a plot to blow up the House of Lords in 1605. Well, he’s playing the mastermind of the infamous Gunpowder Plot (referenced in the popular comic book and film adaptation V for Vendetta). Although most people think the mastermind of said plot was the notorious Guy Fawkes, the actual mastermind was Catholic Robert Catesby. Interestingly, Kit Harington is actually descended from Catesby, who is the person he’s portraying in this miniseries. The Gunpowder Plot was a failure, but it is still talked about today: the anniversary is celebrated in England as Guy Fawkes Night.

For those of you who don’t know your English history, during this period of time, Catholics were persecuted and not allowed to practice their religion. Instead, English citizens were expected to practice the ceremonies of the Church of England. This lack of religious freedom eventually led some people dissatisfied with the Church of England (some dissatisfied because they thought the Church too harsh, and some because they thought it was too lenient) to move to the English colonies, which indirectly led to the founding of the United States of America.

Gunpowder will also star fellow Game of Thrones alumnus Mark Gatiss, Tom Cullen as the notorious Guy Fawkes, Edward Holcroft, Shaun Dooley, Peter Mullan, Robert Emms, and Liv Tyler.

Gunpowder will air in three parts this fall on BBC One. It is not clear when this series will be released outside of the United Kingdom. 

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