5 Reasons To Watch Howard The Duck

Oh, to be back in the 80’s again. The era where we had such cinematic classics as Tim Burton’s Batman, Back To The Future, The Goonies, Ghostbusters and…Howard The Duck. This movie gained a whole bunch of negative reviews as well as a disastrous score on Rotten Tomatoes, a measly 15% on the Tomatometer and an audience score of 38%. However, during my research on this film, a lot of fans are out there. Produced by none other than George Lucas, it may not adhere to the comic books that share its name, but it has garnered a huge cult following.

Howard The Duck posterSo, with that in mind, here are 5 reasons to watch Howard The Duck.

1.  Lea Thompson

Fresh off of her success in the Back To The Future franchise, Thompson won the role of Beverly Switzler, a part that many actresses coveted. As well as bringing her undeniable charm to the screen, Lea trained her vocals and learned the guitar to bring the rock goddess Switzler to life. Now, that’s dedication.

2.  The Soundtrack

With Lea Thompson becoming her character so well, she even dominates the music of the movie. With her on screen band, Cherry Bomb, they rock n roll their way across four tracks. Rounding out the album is the likes of John Barry and Thomas Dolby, giving this the epitome of an 80’s classic.

3.  The Plot

Ok, so the script and the movie itself were never going to be Oscar worthy. It actually received more negative awards than positive ones, but it sure is a fun romp. With campy dialogue and an insane premise (aliens trying to invade Earth before being stopped by a beer drinking, cigar smoking, 3’2″ duck from another planet) it really makes the imagination run wild. Leave all reasoning aside before pressing play.

4.  The Jokes

Predominantly aimed at children, regardless of the multitude of adult themes (sex, alcohol and naked lady ducks), it has a plethora of corny gags that will still make you chuckle, regardless of age. Being as stubborn as he is, Howard is assumed to have come from a hard boiled egg (insert laughter here) or when Howard has a mini freak out when being served fried eggs in a restaurant, clearly a problem for any duck when presented their dinner. You are certain to find yourself laughing away.

Howard The Duck - Tim Robbins
Yes, that is Tim Robbins

5.  Howard

The main man (or duck) of the movie. Again, the characterisation of Howard in this film is very different from his comic book appearances. But, if you ignore this, he is still an engaging presence and very enjoyable to watch. Not shying away from a fight to be had, or all of those funny one liners that he delivers which often stop people in their tracks, to his sensitive side which is shown that almost having us believe that he is real, this character definitely leaves his mark on us.

Howard The Duck truly is a hero just like his comic book counterpart, which means this movie deserves more credit than it has received. Take it from me, it is a wild ride of a movie that you owe yourself to be immersed in, so why not give it a watch??

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