Review – The Defenders #4

The Defenders #4


Daredevil and Luke Cage were able to find and apprehend Frank Castle “The Punisher” without too much trouble, the same cannot be said when Jessica Jones and Iron Fist confronted Diamondback at the end of Issue #3. The new and more powerful version of Diamondback gives Danny Rand all he can handle and Jessica Jones steps up to even the odds, while Ben Urich gets the lead he needs to break the story wide open on how Diamondback became so powerful and his new drug on the street. 


The Defenders #4 is an excellent issue that eases out of this first story-line and gets us ready for the next. The first few pages of the story were a little confusing and at some points, I was not really sure what was going on with the whole club scene with Hammer Head and the Black Cat? I got the gist of what Bendis was doing, but some parts I did not understand why they were happening or why one character, in particular, showed up. The only other question I have is just me being a continuity nerd in that I am not sure when or where this takes place timeline wise. I don’t read the Luke Cage (I am pretty sure Luke is in New Orleans in that series though) or Jessica Jones solo series and I am behind on Daredevil, but I am up to date with Iron Fist and Immortal Iron Fists. Just saying I am not super sure when this is taking place, before or after Secret Empire? This is obviously happening after the events in the Iron Fist solo series where he was trying to get his “Chi” back, just throw in an editor’s note real quick to ease my mind.

Really the whole continuity issue is not that big of a deal in the whole scope of things as the rest of The Defenders #4 is excellent Spoiler (the back half of the issue is a huge fight). Bendis has done a fantastic job of scripting these characters and balancing them through these first four issues. Each character has gotten some of the spotlights and been able to shine. We mainly get Jessica Jones and Iron Fist is this Issue and it is just a fun brawl with Diamondback that Bendis lets David Marquez’s art shine!


The only major problem I had with the art in this issue was again those first few pages in the “club scene”. I think it could have been laid out better to make more sense and read better. Other than that WOW David Marquez goes all out in this Issue. He does a great fight scene with Jessica Jones and Iron Fist battling Diamondback. His art focuses on the character’s power set perfectly, Jessica Jones is not known for being a “refined” fighter, but she does have super strength and Marquez does a great job displaying that when she hits Diamondback. You can really “feel” the power behind her strikes. He does an equally wonderful job showing Iron Fist martial arts mastery in great fluid movements and hits. It is an all-around great cinematic battle that is all kinds of fun. David Ponsor does a superb job of enhancing Marquez’s art with some stunning colors. I really like his coloration of Iron Fist when he concentrates his “Chi”, it looks awesome!


The Defenders #4 is an excellent “conclusion” to the first arc. The events that happened in these first four issues are definitely going to affect the group for some time. The creative team has been most excellent in this series and you really couldn’t ask for more out of them. If you like street level super hero action, then The Defenders is what you need. Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Daredevil make a great team that hopefully sticks around for a long time.

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