Disney Resorts Get A VR Star Wars Experience

Disney parks in California and Florida are getting a VR Star Wars attraction. The ride is produced by ILMxLABVR and The Void, a recent VR start up.

Disney’s Star Wars Attractions Take Shape

Star Wars Secrets of the EmpireBack at D23, fans of Disney’s theme parks received an advanced look at Star Wars: Edge of the Galaxy. The new land will feature Star Wars themed rides, shows, and consumables. However, Disney is looking for their multi-billion property to invade other parts of their resorts as well.

Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire is the flagship VR Experience for The Void. The Void, best known for their Ghostbusters VR experience inside New York’s Madame Toussard’s, is teaming with ILMxLABVR for the experience. According to the start-up, Secrets of the Empire offers an “untethered, social, and multi-sensory Star Wars experience.”

Of course, this isn’t the first theme park to integrate VR into its attractions. Six Flags Magic Mountain features VR experiences for its Revolution roller coaster. However, this application of the technology feels like a weapons test of sorts. ILM pushes the boundaries of technology and forcing innovation. As a result, Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire could be the tip of the VR iceberg at ILM.

The jury is still out on VR as a whole, but these novelty experiences are a huge leap forward. Placing a VR experience in a heavily trafficked area boosts its visibility. Furthermore, it acts as a hands on sales pitch. Also, the cost savings are enormous. Because everything takes place in the headset, there isn’t a lengthy construction period. As a result, Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire invades Anaheim’s Downtown Disney and Orlando’s Disney Springs this holiday season.

So, what do you think? Is VR here to stay? Or, is it a novelty reserved for theme parks? Let us know in the comments!

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