New Gotham Trailer Shows How Batman Begins

Gotham’s Knight Errant Begins

Gotham Season 4 Bruce WayneWhen we last saw Bruce Wayne at the end of season 3 of Gotham, he was beginning his career in vigilantism. With season four peeking around the corner, it is time to learn more about what will happen. We know that the Scarecrow will be a major villain, and Butch Gilzean will become Solomon Grundy. But what about Bruce? Now, a new trailer has dropped that gives us a new look at Bruce’s foray into heroism:

It seems young Master Wayne will definitely be more hands on in season 4 than he has in any prior season. This makes sense given his training under the sensei of the League of Assassins last season. And it looks like he won’t be alone. Selina will likely be gearing up to take on the bad guys of Gotham while Alfred and Lucius provide support, and gear, to the teenaged hero. Meanwhile, Penguin is solidifying his power over the city and its criminal underworld.

That’s A Bad Outfit!

Gotham - Butch Gilzean aka Soloman Grundy
Butch Gilzean aka Soloman Grundy

Bruce’s hero outfits, for now, are unfortunately not the best designed. His first costume, first seen at the end of season 3, is very simple. It seems to be a ski mask, a hoodie, and a peacoat. While it does look like Lucius will provide body armor for the teenage billionaire, the mask he includes is not great looking. While similar in look to Christian Bale’s Bat-cowl from the Nolan Dark Knight trilogy, without the ears, it looks clumsy and awkward on David Mazouz’s face. It also looks a lot like a 1940s football helmet, just more sturdy. I am certain that it will be improved upon as the show goes on.

As for Scarecrow, hinted to be the season’s primary villain, the brief glimpse we have is right out of the comics, as well as the Nolan films. There is also a touch of the Arkham series to his design in the brief glimpses we see. We haven’t seen Jonathan Crane since his father dosed him with fear toxin back in season one, so it is nice they are returning to this narrative string.

Gotham moves to Thursdays this fall on Fox. It premieres on September 21st at 8pm.

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