Review – Grass Kings #6

Grass Kings #6

King Nothing?

I am going to try and stay as spoiler free as possible but be warned there might be minor spoilers for Grass Kings #6 ahead.

Well, things escalated very quickly during the events of Grass Kings #5. Robert, the ruler of the Grass Kingdom, gave the order to drop a “bomb” on Humbert’s police force that was attacking the Grass Kingdom. In Grass Kings #6 we find out that Spoiler Alert it was a “bomb” full of tear gas— so I guess that is a little bit better than dropping an actual explosive weapon. Humbert is still trying to find Maria, who fled to the Grass Kingdom to free herself from Sheriff Humbert’s abuse. Maria confronts Sheriff Humbert and Robert learns that he has to confront himself about the death of his daughter.


While I am still very confused on what the Grass Kingdom is, there are some clues in this issue and I have made up my mind that it is some family/state owned land that the grass Kingdom is located on. Sheriff Carghill allows them to operate freely and doesn’t call for larger operations to protect himself and the shady operation he runs, which allows the Grass Kingdom to operate separately and explains why all this is able to happen without the military or FBI stepping in.

If I just forget about that aspect of the series, the rest of the story is absolutely fantastic and Matt Kindt wraps up this first arc fantastically while setting up the next story arc perfectly. Robert finally has to confront himself about the death of his daughter, maybe she wasn’t killed and maybe it was his fault for being negligent. Once you think that is wrapped up nicely, Kindt throws a major wrench into the story that is absolutely wonderful. I am not going to spoil what the teaser for the next story arc is, but it is something that has been discussed in the series as a “B” or maybe even “C” or “D” plot in the series.


Tyler Jenkins’s water color style continues to impress with this series. While overall, it is not my favorite style of art, it is still really impressive what he is able to do with it. I do like how he changes the background colors to fit the “mood” and tone of the scenes. He shows some really great bright blues and yellows in the more uplifting parts of the book, but toward the end, we switch to some ominous dark reds and oranges when we are left with an amazing cliffhanger. 


Grass Kings #6 is a satisfying conclusion to the first story arc, and it succeeded in setting up major characters and plots that will hopefully be touched upon in the upcoming issues. I was hot and cold on this series— while the premise is interesting and having Robert make some huge character developments throughout these six issues was great, it is what Kindt has set up going forward that has me really excited for the future of this series. I will remain spoiler free from what the last little teaser is, but it is a shocker that will have you clamoring for the next issue!

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