Review – Grumpy Cat Garfield #1

Grumpy Cat Garfield #1

Well, it is the team up everyone has been waiting for Garfield finally meets Grumpy Cat. When I was a child I went through a phase where I really like Garfield comic strips I literally have around twenty of these collections (seriously I have that exact one in the picture). I have no clue why but for a while I could not get enough of the fat, orange cat; so Garfield holds some nostalgia for me. Plus with two feature films, countless cartoon interpretations and a staple of Sunday comic strips for almost 40 years, Garfield is one of the most recognizable characters ever. Grumpy Cat is the new kid on the block for ill-tempered cats, jumping to internet fame in 2012. Now grumpy cats sad mug can be seen everywhere from magnets, toys, comics and even a Christmas Special movie (Aubrey Plaza voices Grumpy Cat and it is a Christmas classic). 

GRUMPY CAT GARFIELD #1 Cover By Tony Fleecs
GRUMPY CAT GARFIELD #1 Cover By Tony Fleecs

So we have two of the biggest cats of the industry finally meeting up in Grumpy Cat Garfield #1 and it delivers what one would be expecting from the title. Garfield is being pestered by Odie, while Grumpy Cat is being pestered by Pokey. They both do not want to be bothered and have their own ways of dealing with these constant annoying friends. It is a book most likely written for children so you get a very basic plot and set up of how they finally meet, but it does offer some nice comedy from each respective cat. The only major annoyance is and any veteran comic book reader could probably spot this from the first page is Spoiler Alert (they don’t meet until the end of the issue), which is no surprise.


Art wise it is in the same boat as the story, you get exactly what you are expecting. Steve Uy delivers the art you expect for both of these respective properties. Garfield looks like Garfield and Grumpy Cat looks like Grumpy Cat, so it is a little hard to judge, Uy delivers what exactly he should. It is not like you are going to open the book and expect Jerome Opeña style art or James Stokoe’s crazy visuals (though these are not bad ideas). The art does what it is supposed to do and serves its purpose. I do wish for a little bit of a different panel structure just to break up the story a little bit better. The contrast between Grumpy Cats little more “realistic style” and Garfield’s more cartoony aspect is quite a shock and they do feel odd when looked at side by side.


Overall this comic delivers just about exactly what it promises, so in that, it is a success. The main take away from this Issue is that Grumpy Cat and Garfield apparently live in the same universe, on the same earth and relatively close to each other. That makes the differing visuals and colors all that more striking and odd. Shouldn’t they look somewhat the same or at least be from alternate Earths or realities. I am probably thinking way too much into a Grumpy Cat Garfield comic if you like either one of these cats you will find this somewhat entertaining.

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