Review – TMNT Dimension X #2

TMNT Dimension X #2

The Last Sumo

Another Wednesday and another installment of IDW’s TMNT’s 5 Issue weekly  miniseries ,coinciding with the ongoing TMNT series story arc “The Trial of Krang (that just started with issue #73). Each week the Turtles and their Neutrino pals head off to a different planet in Dimension X to save and acquire a key witness for the trial before the cybernetic assassin Hakk-R can get to them. Last week the brothers where barely able to save the witness, only with the help of the planets emotional-based physics where they able to stop Hakk-R. In TMNT Dimension X #2 our heroes are off to another strange planet with another strange inhabitant who is going to put up a little bit more of a fight.


Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas handle the writing on TMNT Dimension X #2 and it works well as part of the “Trial of Krang” story line and just as a simple “one and done” story. We are introduced to an alien named Anemon, who used to be one of Krangs top guardsmen and is now the last of his race. We are given a great backstory to the character and his falling out with Krang. Farinas and Freitas do a wonderful job of introducing us to this character and throwing some really great story twists into the mix. I also like all the fun wordplay they do with character names and locations (you will understand after reading the Issue). It is an all-around fun Issue that really helps develop the ongoing storyline in the main TMNT series, and sets up just how ruthless Krang has been throughout his life.


Michael Dialynas is on deck for art duties in TMNT Dimension X #2. The changes in planets and settings really helps with the changes in artist in this series. Michael Dialynas’s style is a world of difference from Pablo Tunica’s art style in TMNT Dimension X #1. He has very tight lines and his colors are of a softer palate. His Turtles have more of a “Saturday morning cartoon” type feeling to them, his style also makes Anemon’s giant face in the middle of his body not as off-putting as it could be. He has some fantastic colors in this Issue. The purples, pinks, reds, oranges and blues of this new planet are really beautiful. Dialynas’s work looks best on the calmer panels than in the more action-oriented scenes where things can look a little muddled. He has a great shot of the turtles in the Neutrino ship that looks really cool!


TMNT Dimension X #2 is another fun entry into this 5 week  mini -series. Ulises Farinas, Erick Freitas and Michael Dialynas do a superb job in this Issue delivering a great story about a guilt-ridden guardsman finding a new family. If you are reading the main IDW TMNT ongoing comic there is no reason to miss out on this mini-series. Be sure to check it out next week as we enter a new planet with a new group of creators taking on the weird world of TMNT and Dimension X.

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