Review – The Unsound #3

The Unsound #3

“Sanitarium, leave me be”

When we last left off with The Unsound Ashli’s really bad first day got even worse when a riot broke out at the Saint Cascia Psychiatric Hospital— all while she was meeting with the Administrator about the very creepy things that happened to her. With rioters killing everyone in sight, Ashli and a few others were able to make their escape to the lower part of the hospital, with the help of some of the patients that had not gone mad with bloodlust.

Xerxes, the paper plate mask-wearing patient, seems to know an awful lot about the hospital and what is going on. He leads the group to the basement doors promising escape, but they must wear a paper mask like him so they can “see” and be protected from what lies behind the doors. With the paper plate mask placed on their faces another “world” seems to appear before their eyes, and with the rioters getting closer, they have no choice but to trust Xerxes and the other patients. They travel into the depths and darkness.

Can the group survive the madness that awaits? Why do these paper masks hold off what wants to destroy them? What happens if they take them off? Find out in The Unsound #3.


Cullen Bunn continues to weave a very creepy tale in The Unsound #3.  Throughout the first two issues, Bunn has definitely ramped up the overall creepiness of this title, and in Issue #3 he ramps it up to 11! Xerxes paper plate mask is a disturbing visual that Bunn has played with since the first issue. Now, having all the characters dawn this mask makes the series even more eerie. The disturbing, creepy images also increase the uneasiness and strangeness of the story.

Now this “hidden” world is revealed to the characters and Bunn makes us start to question the sanity of Ashli and the others. Bunn is definitely doing a more psychological thriller/horror story that really sets in your mind and forces you to question everything you are reading and seeing, along with the main characters. 


Cole’s art style has grown on me throughout the series. It still lacks the detail and fluidity I would like to see, but it is fitting well for the story. Cole does get to play with a lot of strange and interesting visuals in The Unsound #3. With this “hidden” world being revealed by the paper plate mask, he gets to throw in all kinds sinister signs, menacing creatures, and freaky architecture. He also colors this “hidden world” with bright greens and pinks that show great contrast against the darker, more muted colors of the “real world”.

 There are some excellent visuals throughout this series. If this was adapted into a film that a director like Guillermo del Toro would have a field day with all of these different sinister images. The strange creatures that pop up, the winding staircases and overall moodiness of this series could easily be transferred to the big screen.


The Unsound is a great psychological thriller horror comic. There is not too much blood or gore in this series, but it leaves the reader with an ominous feeling of dread throughout the reading experience. If you like your horror on the more psychological side, then you will adore The Unsound. Bunn is crafting what is turning out to be a great thriller of a story, while Cole delivers truly sinister visuals.

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