The Story of a Princess That Rescued Herself – PRINCELESS VOLUME 6


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Writer(s): Jeremy Whitley
Artist Name(s): Emily Martin, Brett Grunig
Cover Artist(s): Emily Martin, Brett Grunig
128 pgs./ E / FC

The story of the princess who rescued herself continues!  When we last saw Adrienne she was trapped between the two scoundrel knights who want to capture her and an icy wilderness as she continued her quest to save her sisters, the twins Antonia and Andrea!  Meanwhile Bedelia and Sparky were in the midst of rocky reunions with their mothers at the Monster Farm. What could go wrong?

Book 6 of the award winning PRINCELESS series brings back all the action and charm of the series that’s been enchanting readers young and old alike for six years!  New readers and fans of stories like Avatar: The Last Airbender and Lumberjanes will find a fantasy world full of new adventures and things to love. The story puts girls in the driver’s seat of fantasy stories as few others have done.

And as an added bonus, this volume includes a one-shot story following Dragonslayers Benna and Gretta and their young daughter Penny on one of the biggest days of their young family’s life.

PRINCELESS VOLUME 6: MAKE YOURSELF PART TWO will be available in a comic book store near you on November 8. Preorder the book using the Diamond item code SEP171042.

Enjoy a special sneak peak from PRINCELESS VOLUME 6: MAKE YOURSELF PART TWO.

Reviews of Princeless:

“Overall, this is an exceptional book and the best kind of all-ages comic: one fun for kids, but still with plenty of depth and humor for adults. “Princeless” is a must-read comic, regardless of your age.” (Comic Book Resources)

“Buy for your kids, your neighbor’s kids or just buy for yourself.” (GWW)

“There aren’t nearly enough books like Princeless on the stands, and not nearly enough copies of it finding their way into the hands of kids and adults alike.” (Comicosity)

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