Review – Grass Kings #7

Grass Kings #7

Killer in the Midst

The biggest subplot through the first six issues of Grass Kings has been the slight mentions throughout the issues about the Grass Kingdom harvesting a serial killer. Then in the final issue of the first arc, Bruce meets with Sheriff Humbert at the end of the issue, speaking with him about the possibility of this killer staying in the Grass Kingdom. This launches us into this new issue and story arc.


Grass Kings #7 focuses on Bruce and Robert trying to solve the mystery of this possible killer in their kingdom. They decide to interview some residents about a supposed suicide years back and discover what they know about the events and what happened. Bruce’s past as a detective outside the Grass Kingdom also comes back to haunt him, as he was investigating a killing before being kicked off the police force and returning to the kingdom. Does his previous investigation have something to do with this mystery and are any of the residents of the Kingdom hiding some deep dark secrets?

This is probably the storyline I have been most interested in exploring since the first issue of this series. While the first arc was good in setting up the world, this is a very intriguing mystery and a great plot to be explored. Matt Kindt continues to do some great character work and it seems we are going to get to focus on Bruce’s life in this arc, as in the last arc was mainly about Roberts life and coming back from his depression of losing his daughter and then subsequent divorce of his wife. Bruce’s time outside of the Kingdom is touched upon and it is a side of him that we haven’t seen before, it is really interesting to see how he has changed and why he left the Grass Kingdom in the first place.


Tyler Jenkins continues his water color style in Grass Kings #7 Though his lines and style are not finely detailed, he still does a wonderful job of getting specific character details dow, so you still know who the characters are just by looking at them. Jenkins changes the background colors a lot in this issue and I really like when in some panels he will just have a plan white background with the characters in the forefront— it really makes those panels stand out from the others, and they are just visually striking. His water colors are still beautiful and really make the series standout with his style. He really makes the book and series as a whole have this “dream” like feeling to it.


Grass Kings #7 dives straight into the mystery of the possibility of a serial killer being in the Grass Kingdom, and it is a great turn for the series to take. After the bombastic first arc of basically going to “war” with Sheriff Humbert and discovering the history of the Grass Kingdom, it is nice to have a slow mystery that builds up tension in the kingdom and lets the reader get to know more characters in this series. Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins make a wonderful team and there is really nothing like Grass Kings on the shelves right now!

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