Review – Mech Cadet Yu #2

Mech Cadet Yu #2

Robot Roll Call

After a wonderful first issue, Stanford Yu is back in Mech Cadet Yu #2 from BOOM! Studios. In the previous issue Stanford Yu was working with his mother as a janitor at the acclaimed Sky Corps Academy where the brightest young kids from around the nation were brought to train, learn and hopefully be picked by the giant space robots that come every four years to help pilot them and defend the Earth against the possible return of the Sharg aliens. On his bike ride home on the day of the robot arrival, an errant robot fell from the sky and picked by everyone’s surprise Stanford to be its pilot! Now the real work begins as Stanford has to begin his training to show himself worthy of piloting this mech and protecting the Earth. While only three robots from space came and picked three cadets Admiral Park wants his well-accomplished daughter as part of the team, they introduce the first man-made “robo-mech” just for her to pilot. Yu is not going to have an easy road with Cadet Park holding a grudge against him and his mother’s constant worry, it is time for him to show the Academy what he has got!


Greg Pak is just scripting a wonderful tale in Mech Cadet Yu #2, what a fantastic adventurous world he has built in just these two issues. I just love the youthful exuberance that the character of Stanford Yu has, he always seems optimistic and is never afraid to help out or get his hands dirty. He seems always positives no matter the circumstances and continues to strive to do his best, he is a fantastic character and I love how Greg Pak writes him. I also love his ever caring mother the excitement she has for her son combined with the obvious concern of what he is getting into, Pak really makes you feel for both sides of her emotions for her son. The plot line is a little “basic”, but for me, that is part of Mech Cadet Yu’s charm, is that it is the tale of a boy coming of age and piloting a giant robot, it hits all the right beats and is just a joy to read.


The story telling credit also has to be given to Takeshi Miyazawa’s art, as he fully gets all the emotions across the characters with some superb cartooning. The smile on Stanford Yu’s face as he pilots his robot and becomes a Cadet is absolutely infectious to the reader and it is hard not to smile back, to the grimace and determination as he is put down by his other Cadets makes you root for him to rise to the top. The slight grin to the downtrodden worrisome lines on his mother’s face when she has to make the choice to let her son pilot this giant robot or crush his dreams is just perfectly represented by Miyazawa’s work. It also doesn’t hurt that he draws some great looking “robo-mechs” in action!

Triona Farrell on colors does an excellent job of matching Takeshi Miyazawa’s drawings and giving everything a more realistic feel to it. It really fits the book that the colors are not too bright or flashy, but still, have that “Saturday morning cartoon” type tinge to them. It really sets the tone of the book as something that is fun and exciting, yet still serious at the same time.


Mech Cadet Yu #2 is just a fantastic issue and a really fun read. Stanford Yu is a great character and his enthusiasm will bleed onto the reader within a few pages. If you are not reading this series you are missing out on a great comic book! Luckily it has been picked up as an ongoing series so we are going to get a lot more of Stanford Yu and his adventures for a long while.

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