Review – Nightwing #29

Nightwing #29

Ice Cold

Nightwing #29 is a tie-in issue to the current DC event series Dark Nights Metal and this is Gotham Resistance part 2 following up part 1 of the story that was featured in Teen Titans #12. So if you want to know everything that is going on you are probably going to want to read the main Metal issues and Teen Titans #12. If you just read Nightwing get ready to be really confused because obviously, it has nothing to do with Issue #28 of Nightwing. Basically, from what I can figure out is Mr. Freeze has been contracted by one of those weird creature things from the Dark Multiverse and has been given some frost giants and has turned Gotham City into his winter wonderland. Nightwing returns with some other heroes to try and stop Mr. Freeze and his new increased powers. But they soon find themselves outgunned until they stumble upon something that will turn the tide of the war!


It is not Tim Seeley’s fault that I am a little lost with Nightwing #29. Admittedly I have only read the two main “Metal” issues that have come out, so I probably should have picked up Teen Titans #12 for some clarification. On that point, Nightwing #29 serves its purpose as a tie-in issue to this big event and it highlights the troubles of tie-in issues.  Nightwing #29 is a fine issue and has some exciting action pieces. Seeley actually does a swell job of attempting to keep the reader up to date with everything that has happened in this big event before this Issue, that is also its downfall. It has so much to attempt to catch the reader up on that the story just feels like it leads to nowhere and if you only read Nightwing or only have a budget for a select few comics than the story basically does lead to nowhere because it will be continued in Suicide Squad #26

That is the problem with tie-in issues in that the writer has so much to do and attempt to smash it all into 20 pages. Seeley has to matchup his ongoing Nightwing story with this new event, try to catch the reader up on this event, while still attempting to weave an exciting tale and then tying it into the next issue of the tie-in. It is a lot to do and it can be frustrating for readers and writers.


Paul Pelletier handles the pencils on Nightwing #29 and he holds down the issue fairly well. His art is much better in close-ups and big splash pages as he gets a lot more detail in is work. The smaller panels and shots of characters suffer from the lack of details to the characters. Andrew Hennessy tight inks really help those larger panels and splash pages come to life and make a bold statement, making the characters pop off the pages, while Adriano Lucas colors really are the highlight of the art in Nightwing #29. He gets to use a wide variety of colors and I really dig the darker tones he uses for the Dark Multiverse characters that show up in this Issue. The art is fine, it is good comic book art, it does well in helping tell the story and push the story along, but it is also nothing exciting or jaw-dropping either.


Nightwing #29 is what it is and the creative team does its best to make this an interesting tie-in story and get the reader involved in this event series. There is not much else to say about it, if you are just looking to read Nightwing you can definitely skip over this issue and wait until the next to follow his adventures, if you are all aboard the Dark Nights Metal event train, then obviously you are going to want to pick this Issue up as it does reveal some key things in that storyline.

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