Review – Seven to Eternity #9

Seven to Eternity #9

Dear Father

Adam Osidis finds himself in a situation he never imagined himself in.  And with somebody that no one would ever believe he would be with. The one thing that made his family outcast in the land of Zhal was that his father would not hear the whispers of the Mud King and that he took a stand against him.  Now Adam has betrayed that by hearing the Mud Kings whisper of a healing spring that could cure him of his wasting disease and save his life. Adam has not only betrayed his family, but also the last of the Mosak Knights who captured the Mud King and were sent to free the land of Zhal from his rule. Now that the last of the Mosak Knights have saved Jevalia they are coming for Adam and “the god of whispers”.


Rick Remender gets back to the main plot line in Seven to Eternity #9, as Adam and the Mud King travel to the healing spring.  This is where we learn a lot of information about “the god of whispers”.  We find out about his past with the Mosak Knights and really how he turned into the “tyrant” that he is today. I really love the questions that Remender raises about morals, power and the choices people make. He really makes the reader think and evaluated each character and why they are doing what they are throughout the series. Rick Remender weaves a really masterful tale and the character of the Mud King is something that is really haunting.  His true power is not physical or mind control.  He simply uses his words to plant ideas and thoughts in your head that slowly manipulate you into the palm of his hand.  It is truly a great concept by Remender.



Jerome Opeña is back on art duties in Seven to Eternity #9 after a two issue break.  And it proves that Seven to Eternity as with Remender’s writing, Opeña’s art makes Seven to Eternity what it is. While James Harren’s art is far from bad, Opeña’s art feels more in-tune with the series and really makes it feel like something special. The overall detail he puts into his work is amazing, the characters really come alive.  The intensity he adds to each page is superb. Matt Hollingsworth on colors continues to also just knock it out of the park and in this issue, he really gets to show off his skill set. There are a lot of varying colors in this issue from super neon lights to dark brooding moments.  Hollingsworth nails each scene perfectly. Rus Wooton on letters continues his fantastic work.  It is great to see his style change up from a series like this to what he does in a series like Extremity.  When you read both of these series it really makes you appreciate his lettering more and more.


This issue of Seven to Eternity pops the reader right back into the main storyline of the series. Remender continues to weave an emotional sci-fi tale and with Opeña on art, the series just excels to a new level. Seven to Eternity really makes the reader think throughout, about decisions, actions, and the things that influence us all to say or do the things throughout our lives. The series also delves into families and the relationships, while still delivering a really exciting sci-fi story. With this issue signaling the end of the second chapter to this story you are not going to want to miss out!

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