Review – Star Trek: Boldly Go #11

Star Trek: Boldly Go #11

While a new Starship Enterprise is being constructed, James Kirk is temporarily assigned as Captain of the USS Endeavor.  Making the journey with him are Hikaru Sulu as his First Officer and Leonard McCoy, along with several other former Enterprise crew members.

The story begins ten years prior, the USS Heisenberg under the command of Captain Garth of Izar is under attack by three Klingon battlecruisers.  With her shields failing, Garth makes a bold and once thought impossible maneuver.  Catching the Klingons off guard, the Heisenberg is able to fight off all three cruisers.  The legend of Garth of Izar begins.

Star Trek Boldly Go #11 Cover A by George Caltsoudas
Star Trek Boldly Go #11 Cover A by George Caltsoudas

Jumping ahead three years, Captain Garth addresses cadets at Starfleet Academy and is introduced to Cadet James T. Kirk.  A short time later, on a mission to Antos IV, Captain Garth is killed in a transporter accident.

Now, on board the Endeavor, Captain Kirk goes to Antos IV in order to find a missing prior acquaintance.  Things don’t go exactly as planned and a once old friend becomes a dangerous new foe.

I’ve had my issues with the rebooted Star Trek, none of which I will go into here.  However, I have to commend IDW Publishing for its superb stewardship of the franchise.  Since Star Trek Beyond, the Trek universe that writer Mike Johnson has put together is not only fun to read, it captures the Trek dynamic far better than the movies have done so far.

Garth of Izar only appeared in one episode of the Original Series, but it has been a storyline that has been screaming for expansion since it first aired.  This appears to be a far different take than what Star Trek Axanar tried to deliver with their trouble “fan film”.

Mike Johnson does a great job piecing the first part of this story arc together.  The story flows nicely and ends on a very dramatic cliffhanger.  He puts the backstory together succinctly and fits into the framework of the three new movies.  No guessing, no confusion. 

The artwork, although a little cartoonish is still very well done.  The level of detail is fabulous without being too finely drawn.  The Trek universe has a lot of background details and scenes than if not done properly, robs from the story.  Megan Levens is able to put enough into each page and panel and leaves you to enjoy the story.  Along with colors by Marissa Louise, the art pops with bright colors that bring out the details.

As with all of my comic book reading of late, I am behind on Star Trek: Boldly Go like every title I pick up.  Luckily, I was able to pick it up again at the beginning of a new story arc.  Being a lifelong Trekkie, I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay away from this series for long.  It is going to be fun catching up.

Even if you’re not a fan of the movies, you should give Star Trek: Boldly Go a chance.  It’s fun, it’s smart and it is worth picking up.

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