Review – Star Wars Adventures #1

Star Wars Adventures #1

Two story stories set in different eras of the Star Wars universe kick off the first issue of Star Wars Adventures from IDW Publishing.

As a rule, I avoid all-ages comics.  The stories usually aren’t that compelling and the art is too cartoony for my tastes.  I sound like a comic book snob, but I’m not.  I know what I like and like anyone, I gravitate toward just that.  When it came to Star Wars Adventures, I felt like I needed to give it a shot.  The animated series was received with positivity, so I decided that the comic tie-in was worth a look.  I am glad that I did.

Better The Devil You Know Part 1

The first story takes up most of the book and centers around Rey before the events in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  After avoiding a group of thieves trying to steal her salvage, Rey soon learns that it goes much deeper than some minor thefts.  Unkar Plutt, the Junkboss of Niima Outpost has been kidnapped.  With no one willing to find out why Rey reluctantly goes off in search of Unkar.


This short and delectable story, written by Cavan Scott was really enjoyable.  The plot was simple, easy to follow and highly entertaining.  Rey is a very enigmatic character and fans (myself included) have been eager to learn more about her.  Although this story doesn’t reveal much, it was still nice to see Rey being used in a familiar environment.  This takes place on Jakku, but I have a feeling Rey may be headed into space before long.

The artwork by Derek Charm, although cartoony is very well done and fits the tone of this story.  Geared mostly for kids, the artwork has enough epicness to it to know you’re within the Star Wars universe.  The use of colors is amazing and is able to turn the drab colors of a desert landscape into something more vibrant and colorful than even the movie could provide.

Tales From Wild Space: Stop, Thief!

The second, slightly shorter story takes place in an area of the galaxy known as Wild Space.  We don’t know exactly what time frame in the Star Wars universe this happens, but by the appearance of a BB type droid, it can be assumed it takes place around the time of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  On a ship called The Star Herald, a young man named Emil, tells his droid companions a story.  A story that takes place during the time of the Old Republic.  Of a Jedi Knight named Obi-Wan and his old friend Dex.  The pair pursues a thief through the streets of Coruscant all to get to a moral for one of Emil’s annoyed droids.

Star Wars Adventures #1 Hall of Comics Retailer Exclusive Cover by Chris Uminga
Star Wars Adventures #1 Hall of Comics Retailer Exclusive Cover by Chris Uminga

Again this story is penned by Cavan Scott with art by Jon Sommariva, Sean Parsons, and Charlie Kirchoff.  Although this story isn’t as entertaining as the first, it is well written and easy to take in.  With pencils by Sommariva, Inks by Parsons and colors by Kirchoff, I didn’t like the art as much.  It was crowded with dialogue in some cases and just seemed too busy that hampered the flow.

The rest of the book is compiled of advertisements, the letters section, and a cover gallery showing off all fifteen amazing covers for this issue.

The Verdict

For someone who specifically avoids all-ages comics, I’m going to keep reading Star Wars Adventures at least through the first story arc.  I not only enjoyed it, but I will be reading this one to my kids.  Star Wars is as hot as ever right now and anything remotely associated gets gobbled up by fans who then beg for more.  As a fan, I am begging for more Star Wars Adventures.

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