Armando Ianucci Making HBO Sci-Fi Show

Armando IanucciIanucci Tapped for Sci-Fi Spoof

Armando Ianucci is most famous for creating the comedy Veep for HBO. He was the executive producer and showrunner of that series until departing in 2015 for personal reasons. Now Ianucci is back, as HBO has brought him on for a new project. It will be a science fiction spoof called Avenue 5. Ianucci will showrun and produce the series for HBO. Details on the new series and a release date have yet to be released.

This will be a return to television for the Scottish-born Ianucci. Ianucci was most famous before Veep for the similar British show In The Thick Of It. That show starred pre-Doctor Who Peter Capaldi as an acid-tongued press secretary dealing with the craziness that is British politics. In The Thick Of It ran for four series, a couple Christmas specials, and a feature film before being ultimately cancelled in 2012. An attempt at an American version was made but was never aired.

High Times For Sci Fi Parody

Avenue 5‘s timing could not be better as a fleet of science fiction parodies are soaring. Seth McFarlane’s The Orville, already a fan favorite, combines comedy with Star Trek: The Next Generation-style storytelling. A series based off the cult classic Galaxy Quest is in development as well. Science fiction has always been quirky and ripe for parody. This was most famously done by Mel “God” Brooks in his Spaceballs film. He later spun that off into a half-hour animated series that was not as well-received.

As big budget science fiction series become more and more popular, the parodies will likely come as well. It’s only a matter of time before Stranger Things gets a parody. Joining The Orville on Fox is paranormal comedy Ghosted, which seems to be a cross between Men In Black and Ghostbusters.

Word of the Nerd will continue to keep an eye on this developing story.

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