New Details About Tamagotchi’s Return

The popular 90’s toy Tamagotchi is gracing store shelves once again. New details emerged about the digital pet’s 20th-anniversary release last week.

Tamagotchi Relives Its Heyday

Earlier this year, Bandai announced the return of Tamagotchi, their pioneering digital pet. For those who weren’t blessed enough to grow up in the 90’s, Tamagotchi is a proto-Pokemon. The idea is simple: Feed, pet, and clean-up after a digital animal until it dies. Rinse and repeat. The digital pet trend exploded and burned out bright. Heck, a competitive device, the Giga Pet, hit shelves around the same time. But, Pokemon soon came along and obliterated any competition. The appeal of those pocket monsters was too great. Eventually, digital pets were relegated to drawers across America. Yes, they stopped the occasional robbery. But, digital pets became keychain curios.


Strangely, Bandai kept the toy in production, and the pixelated pet evolved with the times. Today’s Tamagotchi has more options and features than the original three-button annoyances. But, nostalgia goes a long way. And since the kids who grew up with Tamagotchi now have kids of their own, Bandai is banking on that nostalgia. 

On November 5th, Tamagotchi Friends invade store shelves once again. The perfect stocking stuffer features the original three-button combination on the original toy but is less fussy than its predecessor. Discipline training is a thing of the past. And new trainers are only responsible for feeding and cleaning up after their pet. Hopefully, this means more of the digital creatures live a happy and healthy life.

Of course, if the wait is unbearable, Tamagotchi has an official app. The app is $3.99 and provides the same nostalgic experience as the 20th-anniversary toy. So, will this bit of 90’s nostalgia survive in a fidget spinner dominated world? Are you going to pick one up? What other 90’s trends should come back? Tell us below!

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