Review – Extremity #7

Extremity #7

The Ancient Dark

Thea, Rollo and the now decommissioned Shiloh were shot down by the attacking Paznina forces during the battle in issue #6. Jerome has all but disowned his children Thea and Rollo after their “abandonment” of the latest battle between his Rotto forces and the Paznina. Thea was able to save her brother Rollo and the robot Shilo from the Paznina, but they were shot down upon their escape. They have crash landed in an area known as the Ancient Dark, a relic of the past decimated by wars, where mutated creatures lurk waiting for nightfall to devour their prey. With Thea badly injured and Shiloh out of action, this looks like the beginning of the end.

Extremity #7 Cover A by Daniel Warren Johnson
Extremity #7 Cover A by Daniel Warren Johnson

Extremity #7 brings up some very interesting questions and serves as good new story arc (note this series is only going 12 issues). Without delving into spoiler territory we learn a little bit more about Shiloh and what exactly “it” is and why everyone on both sides seems so interested in it. Daniel Warren Johnson also delves into the long drawn out battle between the Rotto and Paznina and why they continue to fight. Johnson continues to excel in his emotional storytelling ability in Extremity #7; it is very heartbreaking to see how what happened to his wife has completely broken Jerome and how his quest for revenge has basically destroyed his entire family. It is also terrible to see Thea going down this same path and her inability not to see this happening to her.


Daniel Warren Johnson just continues to be a “beast” of an artist with this series and Extremity #7 is no different than any other issue of this series. There are some truly great panels and pages in this Extremity #7, from the fantastic looking creatures in the Ancient Dark lands to a wonderful two-page spread, Johnson continues to just show off amazing work. Mike Spicer’s colors continue to only enhance the art on this series. There is a great shot of the crash landing that just leaps off the page and is a great example of the creative team firing on all cylinders. You get a great crumpled up vehicle crashing into the ground with Thea, Rollo, and Shiloh flying off of it. It is a great piece of artwork from Johnson that shows a great sense of motion and detail, Spicer adds some wonderful coloring to the piece adding vibrant coloration to the brutal landing and Rus Wooton caps it off with a great “Ka-boom” lettering that just ties the whole sequence together in one great panel!


Extremity #7 is the start of the new and final arc of this series. After six issues we have been brought on an emotional journey that only continues to pull the reader in this Issue. Extremity still serves as a wonderful character study of how we react to grief and loss and what happens to us when we lose what we perceive as our defining characteristic. This continues to be one of, if not the best comics out right now and I still stand by my word if you can only buy one comic this week, buy Extremity (you can also pick up the first six issues in trade now to get caught up!).

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