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God Complex #1


Set in the future city of Delphi God Complex #1 follows Seneca a young digital forensic detective who along with his mentor Hermes starts to unravel secrets of their digital world. With three acolytes of the church found dead and nothing to go on Seneca starts to cross paths with the “god” rulers of Delphi. Secrets and conspiracy await Seneca as he digs further into the mystery and what happens when everything he was afraid of comes true in God Complex #1.

God Complex #1 Cover by Isuardi Therianto
God Complex #1 Cover by Isuardi Therianto

So God Complex #1 is a comic inspired by a high-end toy line from the company GLITCH and God Complex characters/toy line created by Bryan Lie (The more you know). Apparently, this is a pretty popular “high end” toy line and they have partnered with Image Comics/Top Cow to bring these characters to life in God Complex #1. Writer Paul Jenkins gets the task of bringing this whole digital, futuristic, “god” world to life and it is a pretty good start if a little bit confusing at the same time.

I won’t lie I am still not 100% sure what is going on or why in God Complex #1, not a lot is told about this world or how it operates we are just dropped into the middle of the story. Which is not bad, but it could use a little bit more of an explanation of the world and what is going on, nothing too detailed just some more information in general about how all this futuristic digital stuff works and at least a little tease about what these “god” leaders are? Other than that it is a pretty well crafted-mystery story and I am really enjoying the character of Seneca and what mysteries he is holding himself.


Hendry Prasetya who I am very familiar with from his stellar work on BOOM! Studio’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series gets to handle art duties on God Complex #1 and his great detailed style is perfect to bring these characters to life. I am guessing these wonderful character designs are the whole reason for making this comic in the first place; they are really stunning to look at and can see why the toy-line is popular. Prasetya does a wonderful job of putting these designs down in a sequential storytelling form. The Robot “mask” “armor” heads on top of human bodies in suits are a great look and Prasetya just draws a lovely suit. His lines are really perfect and you can see all the creases and texture of the clothing perfectly. He gets some superb details out of his characters and does a swell job of getting the story across to the reader. Jessica Khollinne coloring gives these characters a great look matching the hard metal texture of the head with the soft texture of the rest of the body and clothing, her colors really maximize this effect. Khollinne also does a superb job of switching from dark to lighter tones in color with the changes of scenery while still keeping the core aspect of the characters and “feel” God Complex #1 intact.


God Complex #1 is a good start to this series, while I am not completely sold on the series right now the story has enough to make me be interested and come back for more information and the characters are just wonderful to look at. I will be interested to see if the story picks up a little bit more from the first issue and if we get more information about this world in issue #2 as to not be totally lost. For now, God Complex #1 is a pretty solid first issue, not perfect, but it still has a lot to enjoy.

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