Review – Ragman #1

Ragman #1

Return Fire

Rory Harper continues to have flashbacks to his time at war, walking around Gotham City he feels like he is being followed or watched and sometimes strangers with glowing eyes appear out of crowds. He chalks most of this up to PTSD and losing his team members in a very traumatic battle in the Israeli desert. The thing is Rory and his team were never supposed to be in that Holy Temple that night, but greed makes people do things they normally wouldn’t. They did not find the gold or treasures they expected just a tomb full of rags and suddenly they were under attack! Rory somehow survived, but whatever was in that tomb followed him back and now his dead teammates are talking to him and monsters are turning up in Gotham City and he is the only one that can stop them in Ragman #1 (of 6).

Ragman #1 Cover by Guillem March
Ragman #1 Cover by Guillem March

Ray Fawkes scripts a pretty tight beginning for this re-imagining of this odd hero in Ragman #1. Now I have really no prior knowledge to this character other than a little bit I have read about him (vaguely something about rags and absorbing bad people/creatures). So for me, Fawkes did a great job of introducing this character and starting to establish what he is all about.   I do also like that it is a six issue mini-series so we are getting a solid beginning and ending to Ragman’s new origin story. Ragman #1 is a really good read to start off the Halloween season it has a creepy mood and vibe to the story and this season is perfect for it. Only gripe story wise I have is when is this supposed to take place in the DC timeline? I am guessing it is supposed to be in line with everything else, but the look of Gotham City seems very “futuristic” to me.


Inaki Miranda handles the art duties in Ragman #1 and while the action looks good, the more subtle scenes are a little stagnate. I would like to see a little more emotion in characters faces and better body language shown in scenes where characters are speaking with each other, it would really help convey what the characters are saying and going through in those scenes. That being said the more action-oriented scenes look really good, I am not completely sold on Ragman’s costume, but it does look pretty cool at first sight. The layouts of the more action-oriented scenes are well done and make them feel as hectic as they should be. I also enjoy Eva De La Cruz coloring work; there are a nice orange and blue hues throughout Ragman #1 that really sets the tone. Maybe it is because it is Halloween time but I like the orange glow coming out of the seams and eyes of Ragman, makes me think of a mummy jack-o-lantern, so it fits in with the season.


Ragman #1 serves as a good jumping on point for anybody that has ever been interested in the character and wanted to read about him. The story starts off strong and brings the reader along slowly getting to know this character. The art, for the most part, is good comic art and the action pages are where it really starts to shine. Ragman #1 is a solid pick up if you are in the mood for a little something on the supernatural side, but still in the superhero universe, much like Marvel Spirits of Vengeance.

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