Review – Slots #1

Slots #1

Low on Luck

Slots #1 introduces us to Stanley Dance a former boxer and all around dirtbag of a man. While when he was young his fast life seemed great, breaking hearts, breaking promises, losing family, losing love he didn’t seem to care about much for anything or anybody. Now that father time has caught up to Stanley it is time for him to attempt to change his ways. When an old acquaintance asks for help Stanley sees this as a way to finally be the one to help out, but he has to return to Las Vegas a town he loves and that does not love him back. With one more trick up his sleeve does Stanley actually have what it takes to keep a promise and how will his plan go when no one trusts you or wants to associate with you?


Dan Panosian scripts a good first issue in Slots #1. He sets up Stanley Dance as that character that is obviously a jerk and not a good person, but also that you cannot help but like, Panosian elaborates on this theme in an essay at the end of the issue. Panosian does a great job of setting up this series and putting everything into place with this #1 issue. We get introduced to Stanley and what he is all about in the first few pages and then the story really starts to pick up after that brief introduction. We continue to learn about Stanley’s past through various character interactions and we start to figure out his plan to help out his old acquaintance. While this first issue is obviously mainly setting up the characters and environment, it is still very entertaining and captures the reader’s attention.


Dan Panosian “rough” art style really shines in Slots #1. The characters and locations look fantastic and his more angular character design and looser inks really help bring these more “dirtball” characters to life. He has great panel structure and layouts in this Issue that help the story flow and never lets it stall out or have that slow feeling to it. I really enjoy the dimmer color scheme he uses in Slots #1 it gives the whole issue this “dirty” “run down” feel to it and just really enhances the aesthetic o the story being told. The characters are all superbly done and Pansonian does a great job conveying emotion throughout the issue with his art.


Slots #1 is a good opening issue to this series, Stanley Dance is the guy that you like and dislikes all at the same time, you will root for him, but know he is going to fail all at the same time, that is what makes Slots an interesting read. From this first issue you know Stanley is not a good guy and somehow he is going to screw up trying to be “good”, it is going to be heartbreaking, but you are intrigued to see how it all goes down. If you like Billy Bob Thorton’s character from Bad Santa then you will feel right at home with Slots Stanley Dance.

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