Review – Supergirl #14

Supergirl #14

Out of Control

After the events in the last issue, Kara is still struggling to control her increased powers. She first seeks the help of her cousin Superman to see what he can do to help with her problem. Clark Kent has a different idea for helping something that Superman cannot take care of, but the New Super-Man, Kong Kenan can help with. Kara travels with Kenan to Shanghai, China to train under I-CHING to help control her QI “the flow of life energy through Kryptonians”. She will not have long to train as soon after Supergirl and the New Superman are called into action. Will Kara be able to control her powers or will she let them overtake her? Find out in Supergirl #14!

Supergirl #14 Variant Cover by Stanley Lau
Supergirl #14 Variant Cover by Stanley Lau

Supergirl #14 is mainly a one-shot story wrapping up the previous arc and planting seeds for what is upcoming. Steve Orlando does a fair job of doing all this but everything in the issue seems to happen really quickly. I would have liked to have seen Supergirl training with I-CHING for a little bit longer than she did in Supergirl #14 and the whole reason Kara and Kenan have to go into action seems just out of place in the issue. I do really like having the New Super-Man Kong Kenan in Supergirl #14, I like the way Orlando writes him and he is a really good character. There is a great scene of Kara and Kenan hanging out in Shanghai and I really wish the bulk of the issue would have been like that, instead of what we got. The whole story starts and ends so quickly and everything is wrapped up a little too nicely by the end of the issue.


The art is not bad in Supergirl #14, but it is nothing spectacular either it is just there. Scenes are very stagnated and there is no feeling of perceived motion or action throughout the issue. The characters lack depth and detail, they look okay but the art really does not help further or increase the storytelling of Supergirl #14. That is not saying that there is not a few good scenes here and there the final scene of Kara floating over the city with the sun to her back is well done and looks nice, overall the art is just un-inspiring and just lacks anything really noteworthy. 


I was disappointed with Supergirl #14 normally I really like one-shot stories and having the New Super-Man guest star I was hoping for a fun issue. Instead, it was more of a bland story with bland art that really did nothing. Everything happened so fast in this issue and it seems Kara’s struggle to control her powers was resolved way too quickly. I did like the scenes with Kong Kenan and Kara hanging out and would have loved to see an issue more focused on them doing that, with some world-saving thrown in! Overall Supergirl #14 is not a bad issue it is just not good either. I feel the creators had a chance to tell a really fun interesting one-shot story and somewhere along the line it just got lost.

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