Superwoman To Be First Cancelled DC Rebirth Title

Rebirth Sees Its First Casualty

Superwoman #1 CoverIt seems fitting that Superwoman is the first title to be canceled under DC’s Rebirth banner. After all, it started, controversially, with the death of the New 52 Lois Lane. After 18 issues, Superwoman will be canceled in January due to weak sales. It is the first title published under DC Comics’ Rebirth initiative to be canceled. Starting off under the pen of Infinite Crisis artist Phil Jimenez, the title has bounced around several writers and artists. Jimenez will do the final cover, while K. Perkins writes the plot and Stephen Segovia provides the art with Art Thilbert. 

Superwoman started out strong, despite a fakeout that killed off the New 52 Lois Lane and put Lana Lang into the suit. However, the ramifications of Superman Reborn weakened the overall story as a major retcon took place. The question now is which title is next on the chopping block?

The DC Rebirth Deadpool

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, and place your bets on which will be the next title to be axed? One popular frontrunner for it is New Super-Man. The tale of a Chinese teen being given Kryptonian abilities has met fan and critical praise. However, the comic sells less than Superwoman, despite the praise. Add a protagonist that was introduced as a bully, not to mention a non-American setting, and its sales have been suffering. However, the trade paperback has sold well in stores and book fairs, much like Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur does for Marvel.

So who is the likely candidate? Most analysts say it will be Blue Beetle. Coincidentally, the previous volume of this title was one of the earliest comics canceled in the New 52 Era. While Jaime Reyes is popular in other media and the series brought back fan favorite Ted Kord as well, it is often a bottom rung seller for DC Comics. The only main DC title that sells lower than Blue Beetle is the Cyborg solo series as of September 2017.

However, Rebirth is still a success for DC Comics. For comparison, in their first New 52 wave, several comics were canceled after eight issues, plus a special 0 issue. Unfortunately, it was only a matter of time before one or more series would be canceled. Superwoman appears to be the first sacrifice to the capricious comic gods.

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