BlizzCon 2017 Recap

Blizzcon 2017 Recap

This year at Blizzcon was packed with exciting news about our favorite games, and insane esports tournaments. In this recap, we are going to hit all the highlights of what is new since our Blizzcon Day 1 Recap.

BlizzCon 2017 Anaheim ConventionOverwatch

I do not think I have been more excited about an Overwatch map release. Blizzard World is the new theme park styled map coming to Overwatch. The new map will feature a mash-up of all the Blizzard games into one amazing map! There are no words that can sum up my hype for this map. I look forward to killing (and dying… ok dying a lot) many people in the Heroes Arcade, the Hearthstone Tavern, on top of the Pylon Terrace, next to roller coaster eagles on the Flight to Duskwood, and all over this land of hype. 

To add icing to an already delicious treat we are getting amazing new skins with this map. I have two favorite skins out of the eight new ones we will get in early 2018. The Nova (Starcraft) skin for Widowmaker is my favorite because I have been rocking a Widowmaker skin on my Nova in Heroes of the Storm for months! My second favorite skin is the new Roadhog skin in the style of The Butcher (Diablo). The Butcher was the first hero I ever got to mastery level in Heroes of the Storm so I look forward to finding some fresh meat in Overwatch!


One of the biggest appeals of a huge event like Blizzcon is the energy created by live Esports events. There is a special energy to watching a clutch move play out in a stadium full of people who love a game as much as you do. After attending live Esport events, many of my peers have made statements like, “now I understand why people like sports so much!” The energy in the room as everyone cheers or gasps at a move is powerful and fun! Often you can spot the moment a game went from a clear win for team A to an insane move that won the game for team B just by listening to the crowd. 

Unlike in traditional sports in Esports you get to see moves that you can then take home and try in your own games immediately.

Overwatch World Cup

Here we go with more about Overwatch! This weekend was the Overwatch World Cup. The Overwatch teams represented their entire countries in this nail-biting tournament.

The USA, China, Australia, and the UK were all knocked out early in their first matches!

Sweden and France faced off in the losers bracket, with Sweden coming out in third place. 

Canada and South Korea faced off in the finals, ending with South Korea taking the gold, and Canada taking silver. 

It was a great weekend of gameplay, and you can watch every game here!

Hearthstone Inn-vitational

In my honest opinion, Hearthstone is one of the greatest games to ever be released. Not just because of the gameplay, but also because it was a pioneer in bringing PC and Moblie device players together. I was not even a big fan of Hearthstone until I downloaded the app and started playing it on long bus commutes, or during lulls between college classes (Because I never played it during class! That would have been bad for my grades… RIP my grades).

This weekend we witnessed the 2017 Hearthstone Inn-vitational. Oh, the puns! Blizzard, please never change. 

It was a great two days of competition which saw dungeon run challenges, deck building challenges, wild and standard showdowns, and more. In the end, the Grimestreet Grifters won. The team was made up of Pathra Cadness, Hakjun ‘Kranich’ Beak, and Andrey ‘Reynad’ Yanyuk.

After the win, Kranich said, “I just really wanted to win. Our team was down, and I was pretty desperate—I really wanted to prove to myself that I could come back from that situation, and it worked, so I’m just so happy.” 

StarCraft II

Starcraft 2 World Championship Series Global Final

With no surprise whatsoever, the crowd favorite Lee ‘Rouge’ Byung Ryul has taken the 2017 crown. Rouge was expected to come in and sweep the competition under the rug and he did just that.

Though everyone else had faith in Rouge, he was very skeptical of his chances to win. “I didn’t expect I’d be able to win,” Rouge said. Yet, this Blizzcon win gave him a major boost to his confidence as he continued, “But now that I’ve been here and I’ve seen how to win, expect to see me again next year.”

At least someone is good at Starcraft 2. My friends just yell at me a lot because they have to carry me through co-op missions. 

Starcraft Remastered Ultimate Title Fight

Starcraft remastered has made huge waves this year with many Starcraft vets, like Gruby, returning to the classic. 

The winner of this weekend was Kim ‘Bisu’ Taek Yong. Bisu is a retired Starcraft 2 player who came back for the remaster. To even try and list off the many esports accomplishments of Bisu would be longer than this article. 

World of Warcraft Arena World Championship

This tournaments title is tiptoeing towards tongue twister. There is no introducing World of Warcraft— either you have heard of it or you are not reading this article. This year the finals came down to the European team ABC versus the North American Panda Global. 

For the fourth year in a row, a European team took the crown as ABC ran away with a 4-0 victory. Team members Kristoffer ‘Asgarath’ Wilhemsen, Alex ‘Alec’ Sheldrick, Maxime ‘Cara’ Montesquiei and Niki ‘Niksi’ Hietala ran away with the victory.

ABC member Asgarath took the stage after their victory to say, “We had no expectations coming into this tournament. It was my first BlizzCon, and I still can’t believe we won!”

Heroes of the Storm Global Championship Finals

Now time for my personal favorite esports tournament the Heroes Global Championship, HGC, Finals!

Everyone who has been following the HGC knew it was destiny for Fnatic and MVP Black to meet in the Finals. It still felt really good when it happened. The tournament ended with MVP Black on top of Fnatic with a 3-1 victory. 

Sadly we have to wait 68 more days to get more HGC League play, but when it comes back you can catch it on the Heroes of the Storm Twitch.

Overwatch Character MoiraSummary 

This weekend gave us a lot of hype. Blizzard World, new heroes in Overwatch and HOTS, Battle of Azeroth for WOW, vanilla servers for WOW, Kabolds and Catacombs for Hearthstone,  and much more.

The level of hype delivered by Blizzcon 2017 is sure to carry us at least a week.

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