DC Titles We Need Brian Michael Bendis to Write

DC Titles We Need Brian Michael Bendis to Write

If you read a great Marvel comic recently, chances are, Brian Michael Bendis wrote it. His bibliography is filled with modern classics, such as Alias, Daredevil, Ultimate Spider-Man, New Avengers, and House of M. In case you have been living under a rock, Marvel’s most popular writer has signed to bat for the other team. Now, with twenty years of experience and an open world of possibilities, here are five comics we absolutely need from Bendis!


DC Comics We Need Brian Michael Bendis to Write

Legion of Superheroes

Let’s face it; the Legion of Superheroes has never been extremely interesting. Even the most talented of comics writers have struggled to bring them to their full potential. Arguably, the same could be said for the Avengers, before Bendis took over. Most of the modern concepts we have come to know and love about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are directly from his ten-year run. With a wide range of underdeveloped characters and high-stakes battles, the Legion may be the perfect proving grounds for DC’s newest talent. Judging by the stacks of hardcovers Bendis has tweeted, this may be closer than you think. 

DC Comics We Need Brian Michael Bendis to Write


Ultimate Spider-Man spent a lot of time developing the street-level heroes of Hell’s Kitchen, without losing sight of the main cast. Recent events have brought the Bat-family closer than ever, and it is time for Batman’s sidekicks to step out of the shadows. A Bendis Robins book would be reminiscent of his fantastic recent run on the Defenders. Imagine Dick Grayson as the leader, Damian causing constant mischief, Tim charming the reader, and Jason Todd hating everything. The idea practically writes itself, and with Bendis on board, you’d have your favorite new monthly.

DC Comics We Need Brian Michael Bendis to Write

Green Lantern Universe

Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern run is comparable to Bendis’ epic Avengers saga in length and quality. Both encompass their respective comics universe and even shook the companies to their core multiple times. Unfortunately, in recent years, Green Lantern has taken a back seat to the rest of the DC Universe. Put Bendis behind the wheel of a Green Lantern Corps book, and you would have a story for the ages. Kilowog, Salaak, and Tomar-Re would make a great team book that could build beyond the galaxy we have come to know. 

DC Comics We Need Brian Michael Bendis to Write

Wally West – Kid Flash

Wally West and Miles Morales are well-known examples of how to make a legacy hero stand out from beneath his mentor’s shadow. In light of the New 52, Wally West never truly got his due; Bendis could be the perfect writer to promote the teenage hero, just as he did with Miles. With a proper reintroduction and a great supporting cast, you might have the new sleeper hit of the year. 

DC Comics We Need Brian Michael Bendis to Write

Black Canary

You had to know there would be a female hero on this list. Of all DC’s heroines, Black Canary has never had her own extremely successful comic. Proper character development and a promotion to a major superhero team might change all of that. Jessica Jones of Alias is one of the great Marvel characters of the past decades, and that is all thanks to Bendis. Perhaps giving Diana Lance the same shot would change DC comics as we know them. 

 DC Comics We Need Brian Michael Bendis to Write

An Original Superhero Team

DC Comics has existed for almost 100 years, spawning literally millions of colorful costumes, underdeveloped protagonists, and a wealth of unexplored ideas. A prolific writer like Bendis would have no problem sculpting a new team that does not need connections to the League.

Of course, we can’t list every book Bendis should write. A Justice League of America book with twenty main cast members? Zatanna solo? Blue Beetle legacy space epic? The possibilities are endless! Every DC fan should feel as excited as we do, and Word of the Nerd promises to bring you all the news and reviews when his first title is announced. Brian, if you’re reading: we can’t wait for your next masterpiece!

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