Destiny 2 on PC – What is Missing?

Destiny 2 on PC – What is Missing? 

Destiny 2 has been out on PC for just over two weeks. Which means I have been playing Destiny 2 for… well, 15 days times 24 hours…

I have had a blast in the Destiny universe. I tried to get into Destiny 1 on my PS4 earlier this year, but as a PC gamer, it never took off for me.  

A lot of basic features that PC players are used to doing do not exist in Destiny 2, and if they are not added, long-term PC players will find new games. There are also very simple things that Destiny 2 can do to indefinitely increase the lifetime of their game without even adding any more content (I do want more content still). 

These are just my suggestions to help Destiny thrive on PC, and not a review of the game. Word of the Nerd has already reviewed Destiny 2 here.

Destiny 2 Ingame

PVE Leaderboards

The lack of leaderboards in Destiny was pretty jarring to me. Clans can participate in guided games to gain an Oathkeeper score, but that is not the same. 

Let’s talk about PVE leaderboards first. The only reason to do the weekly nightfall or Leviathan raid is for one-time loot drops and milestones. Players will spend a few hours a week completing milestones, and then be done with the game. If Bungie added leaderboards, players would have an endless amount of time to spend trying to get to the top. 

Sure, in most games only a small percentage of the population is going to fight for the top. Yet, for those of us who normally commit 30 plus hours a week to MMO raiding, a leaderboard is why we play. We want to be the best and we want a goal. Players start to compete against each other instead of a raid, and now we have more ‘content’. 

PVP Leaderboards

PVP leaderboards are pretty simple and common in shooters. Once I am done with my PVP milestone, or beat the Trials of the Nine, I have no reason to PVP anymore. 

Adding a leaderboard yet again gives players something to strive for. It gives us a goal. I would like to have ranks in PVP. The standard ranking system of bronze, silver, gold, platinum, master, and grandmaster is tried and true in many games. There are plenty of shooter games and franchises like Overwatch, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Paladins, and CSGO that have taken a simple PVP model and created countless hours of playtime just by adding ranks. 

PVP in Destiny often feels like we are not playing against other players of the same caliber, which is no fun for either team.

PVP Team and Solo Queue

Queuing solo and being put against a team of four is often not fun. If the team is bad enough, they can still lose, but often teamwork and staying together will beat skill in PVP. 

Players should still be allowed to Queue solo to fill for two and three-man teams. A solo-only queue would improve the PVP experience for many. 

Bungie claims to have “competitive PVP”, but I have no idea what they think will make me want to compete… I will say that a rank would make me compete. 


Since we are on the topic of PVP, why not dueling? Clanmates will talk smack about who is better. An easy and fun way to settle these arguments would be dueling! 

Losing to one of my friends would send me into a frenzy to find better gear and make a better build so I could reclaim my honor as soon as possible.

Destiny 2Chat/Matchmaking

This one is pretty mind-blowing for a game on PC. The only chat options in the game are team chat and whispers. Whispers are, by default, turned off, so if someone just does not know to turn on whispers, they will never get any. 

There needs to be zone, instance and global chats in Destiny 2 on PC. I understand that the crew at Bungie has put a lot of time into how they created their social experience. There is an interview with Bungie’s social lead where she explains why there is no chat in Destiny 2. Basically, it boils down to ‘we do not want people to be toxic and ruin other people’s time’.

The entire interview is very hard to get through because the logic does not follow. Bungie wants you to download an app to find groups, then read their guild mantra before deciding to play with them. I see these steps as arbitrary gates on the fun. It takes the simple process of typing, “LF1M Nightfall 280+” (which would translate to “looking for one member for the weekly Nightfall, needs to be power level 280 or above), in chat and replaces it with a ten-step process, none of which takes place within their own game. I  have to leave the game to find people to play with outside of my clan. 

The social experience in Destiny 2 is horrible and needs to be fixed. I am worried Bungie will simply double down and make us suffer. 


Trading is a basic feature of all MMOs. Allowing me to give my 5th raid rocket launcher to a friend who has been trying to earn one for weeks would not take anything away from the raid. Everyone is working together for that loot, and allowing players to decide how to share the loot within their own runs is fair. 

Locking loot to only be tradable with people who conducted the raid with you makes total sense.

Class Skill Variety

Each class has a basic skill. Titans have a shield, warlocks have a ground aura, and hunters have a dodge. They need to add more options in the game to balance the waves of warlocks and titans consuming the battlefields. 

Glimmer Cap

Destiny 2 has a currency cap of 99,999. For most currencies, this is not an issue, as you are unlikely to max out legendary shards or bright dust. Glimmer is the most abundant in-game currency and piles up quickly. Whenever my glimmer is about to reach the cap, I go buy a lot of weapon and gear mods, which set me back in glimmer. Yet, I cannot do this indefinitely, as I am already running out of bank and inventory space. The cap seems largely arbitrary and unnecessary.

Destiny 2

Loot Caps

Right now the first faction event is happening on PC. You farm for tokens and turn them in for rng crates that give you weapons, gear, and shaders. A cap on how many crates you can buy limits the amount of time spent on events. 

I have farmed a lot of gear in a lot of games, and never have I seen such crazy caps on loot drops. We want more loot, we want lots of loot, we want lots of powerful loot. Look at games like Path of Exile or Diablo, that thrive on loot. Games like Elder Scrolls Online and World of Warcraft, that continue to keep players in the game with grinds that actually feel progressive. 


I have been loving Destiny 2 and will continue to play this game for years to come. How much time and money I am willing to put into Destiny 2 is all up to Bungie. 

If I do not feel like I am progressing anymore, I will not have fun in a game. If I do not have a real way to compete with fellow Guardians, why would I put time into events, beyond gaining my milestones or tokens?

Players want progression, and players want to be social. Destiny 2 hinders being social and progressing in a lot of ways. I hope Bungie quickly listens to the community and makes Destiny 2 one of the best games of the decade. 

What do you think Destiny 2 is missing? Let us know in the comments!

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