Lindelof to Adapt Watchmen: ‘We Need Dangerous Shows’

Lindelof to Adapt Watchmen: ‘We Need Dangerous Shows’

The universe has had a rough 2017 with natural disasters, a lot of influential people being revealed as sexual predators, world leadership not doing so great and Nazis apparently making a comeback. And yet there are people who think that the world needs more ‘dangerous television’. According to Vulture, Damon Lindelof, one of the minds behind the phenomenon that was LOST, is adapting Watchmen for television. Why, you ask? Because apparently since we live in dangerous times we need dangerous shows, and I guess The Punisher, Game of Thrones, Narcos, Outlander, Vikings, The Walking Dead, and many others aren’t enough.

Damon Lindelof

During the LA Vulture festival, Damon Lindelof revealed two reasons for why he’s interested in adapting Watchmen for television. Despite Alan Moore’s objections to people adapting his work, Lindelof is still interested in the project. When asked about Moore’s words he said, “[He is] the greatest writer in the history of comics, maybe one of the greatest writers of all time — and he most certainly doesn’t want us to be doing this and we’re trying to find a way to do it that honors him … That comic was written in the mid-’80s. It is more timely now, in 2018, 2019, whenever the show airs, if it airs, that it needs to be told. For a superhero junkie, I’ve never done a superhero movie or a superhero TV show, and now is the time.”

The other reason he’s interested in doing Watchmen is of a more personal nature. Lindelof’s own father was the person who ignited his love of comic books and he wants to do play homage to him, as Watchmen was one of the comics that his father gave to him. “He used to bring me around to conventions all through my childhood, trying to reassemble his collection,” recalled Lindelof. “So I had this huge love for comics and started reading them as a result of that experience.”

While Lindelof’s reasoning is understandable, I don’t know if I agree with him; the world is dangerous enough as it is. Maybe instead of adding to the danger, we should focus on trying to bring hope, but maybe that’s just me. We’ll keep you posted if anything else comes out regarding Lindelof’s Watchmen series.

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