Review – Grass Kings #9

Grass Kings #9

Kingdom Come

Since issue #7 of Grass Kings, Robert and Bruce have been investigating a supposed suicide in the Grass Kingdom. With new information, they think it might have been a murder and that the Grass Kingdom might be harboring a possible serial killer! In issue #8 of Grass Kings, we learned the backstory of “Pike,” a resident who does not like to talk and whose life has been very rough, discovering that he has killed before (in self-defense). Pike was in a relationship with Ms. Handel (a teacher and the suicide they are investigating), but things went south when she started seeing someone else. No one knows about Pike’s past except for Ms. Handel, who is dead, and possibly Johann, another resident of the Kingdom, who feeds the birds in the Grass Kingdom a heavy “meat” diet.


In Grass Kings #9 we find the resident teens, Arthur and Pinball, getting ready for a music gig, but in that time, they also learn of Robert and Bruce’s investigation. The young kids start to do some snooping around on their own in the Grass Kingdom. In Grass Kings #9 they start to find out that the Kingdom is much different from what they thought, that some shady things are going on and that there are more “eyes” and “ears” around the Kingdom than they ever thought. They say ignorance is bliss; for Arthur and Pinball, they might have wished they had stayed “dumb” in Grass Kings #9.

Matt Kindt has done a complete turnaround with the story from the first six issues in Grass Kings (see the reviews here). These past few issues, dealing with the suicide/murder mystery and learning more about the residents in the Grass Kingdom, have been really great. Kindt is weaving a fantastic mystery that is taking all kinds of odd twists and turns. These characters being introduced are fantastic; Kindt has turned what we thought was just a homely group of people trying to live off the grid into something that is a lot more eerie and sinister than we ever thought.


Tyler Jenkins continues his wonderful abstract-yet-detailed stylings in Grass Kings #9. His style has really grown on me throughout this series, and now I cannot imagine anyone else doing the illustrating for Grass Kings. The art just has that odd feel to it. The characters are all rendered well and the backgrounds are superb, but everything just feels a little off. Proportions are good, but they are just not quite normal; everything looks like it should, but it just has that twinge of oddness to it. Hilary Jenkins’ watercolors only add that “offness”; they look beautiful, but they give everything this almost dreamlike visual state that sets the mood for the series.


Grass Kings #9 continues this wonderful murder mystery tone for this series. It almost has a Twin Peaks-like feeling to it. With the very odd town and even odder characters living in it, along with the murder mystery and other “conspiracies” that start to turn up while it is being investigated. Tyler Kindt is a great character writer and he is getting to fill this series with all kinds of interesting people. With a great story and some mesmerizing art, Grass Kings is slowly becoming a must read series!

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