Review – Mech Cadet Yu #4

Mech Cadet Yu #4

Learn to Fly

In the last issue, Stanford Yu and the other cadets were still in the process of bonding with their robots and learning how to be better pilots. Training was going well and Yu was finally coming into his own as a pilot. Things seemed to be at a turning point for Yu and the young Cadets when, out of nowhere, the alien Sharg launched a surprise attack! In Mech Cadet Yu #4, with all the other mechs either taken out of the fight by the Sharg or off-planet, it is up to Stanford Yu and his fellow cadets to take the fight to the Sharg and save the planet. With little skill or training, the young kids are literally in for the fight of their lives.

Mech Cadet Yu #4 Cover by Takeshi Miyazawa
Mech Cadet Yu #4 Cover by Takeshi Miyazawa

Greg Pak continues what is just a fantastic story in Mech Cadet Yu #4. I will go ahead and get my one complaint out story-wise: you can definitely tell how this was set up as a four-issue mini-series before it got upgraded to an ongoing. You can feel Pak trying to wrap everything up in Mech Cadet Yu #4. It really does not affect the story too much, but it does feel a tad bit rushed.

That being said, Pak still weaves a fantastic story, and man, I just love Stanford Yu; what a great character. He is upbeat and uplifting, and in this issue, he shows what he is capable of doing. Pak also does a fantastic job of setting up the continuation of the series; the final page is a fantastic teaser for what is coming up next. It is very impressive what great storytelling Pak has done in four issues with Mech Cadet Yu. He has really developed this world and characters greatly in a very short amount of time, and I am very eager to see what he does now that this is an ongoing series.


Takeshi Miyazawa continues to do some beautiful artwork in Mech Cadet Yu #4. He gets to do a lot of action in this issue, and it looks fantastic. Miyazawa does a great job of showing the size and scope of the Sharg aliens, making them look massive and terrifying. The action is paced well, with some great panel structure and layouts; when issues are mainly action-oriented they tend to read a little fast, but Mech Cadet Yu #4 flows perfectly and does not go too fast or slow art-wise.

Mech Cadet Yu #4  Variant Cover by Marcus To
Mech Cadet Yu #4 Variant Cover by Marcus To

Triona Farrell, on colors again, just enhances the classic look of all the characters in this series. The color-coded robots are perfect and just have that wonderful classic look to them with their simple designs and color schemes. I love the darker textured look the Sharg aliens are given; it really enhances that menacing look on the pages. The color-coded lettering and word balloons from Simon Bowland also just help us tremendously to realize which characters are speaking; it is a simple thing that really helps.


Mech Cadet Yu has quickly become one of, if not the best of the all-ages comic books out right now. The creative team has crafted a wonderful story of an underdog kid that never gives up. It is a classic tale that pulls from a lot of different story tropes, but it is also a fully original tale. Mech Cadet Yu #4 solidifies this series as a classic. It does seem to end a little quickly, but I would be satisfied with the story told if it ended with this issue. I am certainly looking forward to this series continuation and to watching these characters grow; if you haven’t already, you need to pick up this series now!

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