Review – Ragman #2

Ragman #2

Inside Out

At the end of the last issue, Rory had just started to come to terms with what his team might have found in that tomb. His dead teammates’ voices in his head, the visions, and creatures following him around might not be all in his head. Then his father is attacked by demons, or was that all just in his head? What is really going on and what is happening? Is all this just PTSD, or did Rory really bond with the Suit of Souls? Rory is in for a fight inside his mind and a real-life battle outside. He must win them both to keep his family and friends safe and keep the Suit of Souls out of devilish hands in Ragman #2 (of 6).

Ragman #2 Cover by Guillem March
Ragman #2 Cover by Guillem March

Ray Fawkes continues to script a pretty interesting mini-series in Ragman #2. He is playing with the mental side of the hero a little bit, making the reader question what really did or did not happen, what is real and what is fake. Fawkes does a good job of playing with that a little bit, but not dragging it out beyond a few pages in this issue, which is nice because for me that gets old quickly (unless it is Jeff Lemire; on Moon Knight, he used that to great effect).  Fawkes does a good job of literally getting into Rory’s mind and delving into what makes him tick. As noted previously, I have no real previous knowledge of Ragman, so this is always a plus. The one complaint which I suspect will get answered in the next issue is I am still not 100% certain what exactly Ragman’s “powers” are? I have a small idea and it is vaguely talked about on this issue, so I hope that gets more fleshed out in the next issue.


From a visual standpoint, Inaki Miranda’s art is very well suited for Ragman #2. It is dynamic and eye-catching and the demon characters look very cool; along with Eva Dela Cruz’s colors, the scenes with Ragman in them really jump off the pages. The only problem I had was from more of a sequential storytelling standpoint, in that in the big action sequences it was a little hard to tell what was happening when Ragman was fighting the demons. Maybe that has to do with not really understanding his powers? Don’t get me wrong, the sequences looked really cool, but I was not really sure what was happening at the same time. The art in Ragman #2 is good, it is not bad but it also does not do anything out of the ordinary either.


Ragman #2 (of 6) continues to introduce this “new” character into the DCU. Things are getting more heated as demons and other creatures are after Rory; he is going to have to learn how to use his newfound power quickly before it gets taken away from him. This series has definitely been new-reader-friendly. Fawkes does a great job of keeping you interested in the story and wanting to come back to learn more about this “hero”. While the art is not bad, it could use a little refining in the story-telling department, but that does not mean some scenes are not well done and a lot of fun to look at.

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